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A Must Read List Of Our Top 6 DJ Tips To Help You Learn How To DJ!

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DJ Tips are a dime a dozen. There are literally thousands of DJ tip websites scattered online. To add to this there are hundreds of DJ books showing you how to DJ via DJ tips. In the end a lot of the DJ tips aren’t even that great. A lot are out dated.

With all of this in mind I’m going to break down our top 6 DJ tips and tricks for you to help you learn how to dj!

DJ Tip #6 – Don’t teach yourself!

Don’t listen to what they say on the DJ message forums! The DJ tip “teach yourself how to DJ” is one of the oldest in the book and it couldn’t be more wrong! Crusty old vinyl DJs that never got anywhere back in the day will tell you to teach yourself because thats how they learned. And the thing about humans is that most of us can’t admit that we’re wrong. So we give advice like “teach yourself how to DJ”.

DJ Tip # is to go find someone to mentor you. Go out and get DJ lessons or get some DJ training videos online. You’ll be DJing 10x faster and will have way more fun in the process!

DJ Tip #5 – Don’t be a dick!

Just because you’re now a DJ doesn’t mean you can think you’re better than people. Back in the day, the DJ was the nerd hanging out over in the dark corner of the room hudled under a staircase overhang or a cluttered bookshelf (at a house party this was it)! Its only in the last 15 years that DJs have become the center of the party and its a beauiful thing until you meet a new DJ thats let the status of being a DJ go to his head.

The fact is that why you may think you’re hot shit, promoters and other DJs won’t give you gigs if you have a big ego and act like a dick. If they don’t like you they won’t give you the opportunity to place. I got TONS of huge gigs with promoters I had never met before. Why? Because I had the reputation of being a DJ that was a pleasure to work with. DJ Tip #5 is to have a great attitude. Don’t be a dick.

DJ Tip #4 – You don’t have to be a party animal!

Some DJs are in it for the partying, others are in it solely for the music and there were guys like me that were mostly in it for the girls. Haha! The truth is that while every DJ probably likes all 3 of these aspects of DJing, a lot of DJs don’t like to party but feel they have to just to get ahead.

The truth is that you don’t have to be a party animal to get ahead as a DJ. I loved the music and creating energy in the room with the music so I never felt that I had to do drugs. The result is that for 10 years of professional DJing I never did a single drug. I had the odd drink to losen up at times or with my friends for special occasions. A few times I stumbled my way out of the club or rave with the help of my friends. But I was never that guy that stuck it out until 7am doing cocaine with the “cool kids” to make connections with other DJs or promoters. You don’t have to be that guy either!

DJ Tip #3 – Fancy DJ Gear will make you a worse DJ!

So many new DJs decide they want to learn how to DJ and they go out and buy the fanciest, coolest looking DJ gear they can with all of the bells and whistles. The reality is that this actually HURTS their DJing because they end up playing with all of the features instead of learning how to beatmach and DJ well.

DJ Tip # 3 is to spend your money on building your music selection and purchasing some kind of DJ training – like the Pro DJ Mixing videos. That will help you become a ROCKING DJ that plays all of the big DJ gigs a lot faster than a bunch of effects and blinking lights! Save a few dollars on DJ gear and invest it in your DJ skills. You’ll get ahead a lot faster.

DJ Tip # 2 – Follow your gut!

There are a lot of times when you’ll feel the need to take your DJing in a certain direction. Maybe the popular music in your city is dubstep and you’re playing deep progressive house or hip hop. Don’t follow the trend. Stick to what you love. Your gut will tell you what you love! Same goes for all decisions DJing.

DJ Tip # 1 – Seek feedback from friends and other DJs!

Don’t just be open to feedback. Seek it out! When you make a mix or a set run it by a bunch of friends and ask how it can be better. The fastest way you can improve is by getting honest feedback!

I hope you found these DJ tips usefull and that they help you figure out how to DJ. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other useful DJ tips and DJ tricks!

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