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Preparing your DJ equipment is an important part of setting up before each gig. You probably have a mental checklist to make sure all of your equipment—DJ laptops, controllers, mixers and the like—gets into your car before you get to the gig. And if you’ve ever forgotten something or had it disappear on you from your home to the club, you probably re-run that checklist as you unload your DJ software and hardware from your car to the DJ booth.

But what about the DJ tools that don’t immediately spring to mind when it comes to DJ equipment?

Well that is the stuff you’re most likely to not only forget…but inevitably need when the unthinkable happens. As a digital DJ there is a lot can go wrong. Gone are the days when a scratched record can be cast aside or a cassette tape can simply be rewound to the cue point. No, today we have to worry about all kinds of cords and wires that may just decide to stop working. Sure digital has made a DJs life a lot easier, but it also gives us a lot more to worry about.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Being prepared as a DJ isn’t just about making your job easier; it is also about keeping those “in charge” happy. A drawn out silence when there should be music will upset the tech, the promoter, the club owner and don’t forget the crowd. That is a lot of pissed off people staring daggers into the DJ booth.

The good news is that with a little bit of prep work and planning, you’ll have all those extras that make your DJ tool kit ready for anything.

Odds & Ends

You don’t need to be a Boy Scout to be prepared for the trouble that all digital DJs have once in awhile. But there are a few components that you know will eventually crap out, even if you don’t know when, so it’s best to have a spare rather than endure the mortification of dead silence and nothing to end it.

USB with some of your most placed tracks to take you through 60 to 90 minutes…just in case it takes you and your people longer to fix whatever is wrong. It’s better that you have some way to appease the partiers than force them to sit in silence for a long period of time. Everyone will be upset and you can kiss any thought of future gigs adios!

Basic DJ software info will make sure you have everything you need if you need to uninstall/reinstall your software and activate it. Have a file with serial numbers, activation codes and any other relevant information that you’ll need to get your software up and running again.

Copies of files for your DJ software. You may need updates or drivers to fix a software glitch right before the show starts and having this information handy will ensure the delay is not a long one. You may also find yourself in need of timecode files, so toss them on a CD and bring them with you. It’s better to have stuff you don’t need than find yourself without things you do.

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Cords, Cables & Whatnot

I know a few DJs who still do it old school, as in vinyl or CDs. Most of them stick with the old way because they don’t have to deal with the unexpected problems common to digital DJing and also because when something does go wrong, they have a lifetime of experience to fix it ASAP.

Whether you’re a new DJ or an old hand, you probably have only added things to your DJ tool kit once you’ve hit a roadblock and had to perform without it. But if you know anything about your DJ equipment then you know it is most often the hardware that lets you down.

Cables will always come in handy when you least expect it, and having a 1/8” male and 1/8” female cable will get you through a variety of crises. Those male to female cables can be problematic without one another so make sure you have at least one of each. Then there is the RCA for things like your iPhone for which you will need 1/8” female to pair with a male of the same size.

Even if you haven’t yet needed extra cables, trust me, you will.

Adapters are just necessary and you’ll never know when so it’s best to be safe so you don’t have to constantly say “sorry”. You’ll need adapters—male and female—for everything from a stereo jack to a mono jack and cable extenders. To be safe make sure you have a few 1/8” female to ¼” male and vice versa, RCA female to 1/4” male, RCA female to female and any other combination you think could come into handy.

Whatnot: You’ll never really know what else you need but if you’re venturing into the world of VJing you’ll also need adapters for VGA to DVI and DVI to HDMI. You may also find earplugs and an extra set of headphone helpful…not to mention something to carry around your miscellaneous DJ tool kit. Look at tackle boxes or head over to a craft store and look into the variety of sewing kits; they come in a variety of sizes and shapes that will allow you to fit it all in one compact location that’s easy to transport from gig to gig.

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