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How To Create A Perfect Wedding Playlist

wedding playlist favorite songs DJ Wedding Playlists – Must Have Tunes

Even though weddings are lucrative business for DJs and they can be less pressure than high profile clubs or large venues, it can be something of a minefield if you don’t have the right mix. New DJs always question what type of music they should program as well as how much variety they should play.

Since weddings, along with other family friendly environments, feature a variety of generations with varying musical interests they give you an opportunity to program a mix that will generally please the masses. While this list we’ve created won’t simply give you a go to wedding playlist it will give you an idea how to make the perfect playlist for a memorable evening.

Themed Weddings

Perhaps the most difficult part of DJing a wedding

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is when there is a wedding theme to adhere to. If the couple has a themed wedding, whether it is medieval, country western, flower power or Star Trek, chances are that the happy couple will want some music that threads the wedding and the reception together.

The best way to find this out is to ask, but chances are good that whoever hires you will let you know that it’s a theme wedding.

Oldies But Goodies

A wedding DJ can never go wrong by playing some oldies. The tricky part about oldies is that it really does depend on the age of the newlyweds. But the good news is that everyone loves the oldies so you can’t really go wrong with songs like “At Last” or “Dream Lover” or the always classic “You Can’t Hurry Love”. These songs are old—without a doubt—but they are also guaranteed to please everyone from the young kids to the old folks.

As the wedding DJ it is your job to determine how often these oldies get played and just how many of them you play. Keep in mind that while these are great wedding tunes, they aren’t exactly dance tunes, so play them at the right time.

A Little From All Over

The best thing about DJing weddings is that you get to play a wide selection of music including different genres and different eras. This means you get to dust off some of those songs that club goers don’t exactly groove to.

Make sure you throw in songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and I guess even the 00’s. This way there is a better than good chance that you’ll play songs that makes every single wedding goer wants to get up a bust a move. That’s the goal after all, providing music that will keep the party going on the couple’s special day.

Popular Hits

One place where new DJs often make mistakes at wedding is knowing what big hits to play. So let me be clear; when you DJ weddings your goal is to play what is popular. You want to play music that people know; this is not the time to bust out obscure hits that only music aficionados such as yourself would know.

If you’re not sure what exactly those songs are, think of those hits that get so much rotation on the radio that you reluctantly sing along in your car or in the shower. These are songs that wedding goers will want to hear, and if you add them into your mix you don’t have to worry about bridesmaids coming up to you to request “Single Ladies”.

Because believe me, they will.

 DJ Wedding Playlists – Must Have Tunes

Wedding Favorites

If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception then you know that there are some tunes that get played, whether we want to hear them or not. Songs such as the ‘Electric Slide’ or ‘Chicken Dance’ or ‘YMCA’ are not only wedding favorites but they are often requested.

Keep in mind that this isn’t always the case but you should always have these types of wedding classics on hand in case the planner or the bride asks you to play them.

Requests (Optional)

Most DJs, including wedding DJs, hate taking requests. They take awhile to find and they mess up the flow of your programmed mix. However there will be times where you are expected to play some requests for the couple’s first dance and the father-daughter dance.

Above all else make sure you have included all the songs the bride and groom have requested. Forget what you think about the requests and include them all.

You may also get requests for other songs but it is up to each individual DJ to decide how the respond to requests.

Background Music

Finally as a wedding DJ you will need to keep the party atmosphere going sometimes without the use of popular music but rather background music. For example when the bride & groom and the wedding party enters the reception hall you’ll need entrance music, when the toasts take place and other times early in the evening you will need filler music.

You can choose to play clips of oldies or popular songs as teasers for later or simply have some upbeat music to play between all the traditional wedding hoopla.

So you see, programming the perfect wedding playlist isn’t as nerve wracking as most new DJs think. The key is choosing the right songs!

I hope I helped you create the perfect wedding playlist to be an awesome wedding DJ. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a great wedding disk jockey!

beginner dj setup DJ Wedding Playlists – Must Have Tunes

 DJ Wedding Playlists – Must Have Tunes


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 DJ Wedding Playlists – Must Have Tunes

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