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There are plenty of reasons you want to be a DJ: you love music, you are a performer at heart or DJing simply speaks to you as an artist. It doesn’t really matter why as long as you know why and work hard to be top notch DJ. But loving to DJ and actually experiencing success as a DJ are two separate things and there are plenty of DJs who love to DJ but book very few gigs doing what they love.

You don’t want that. You want to be able to pay the bills by doing what you love, right? Well in order to do that you need to come to the DJ field armed with all the proper tools that will make you a big success.

Make Contacts

As a DJ your job is similar to any salesman or marketer; you need a big fat rolodex to keep you in luxury DJ headphones and digital downloads. Okay so no one uses a rolodex anymore except my old uncle Morty but you get my drift.

You need contacts within the DJ world and that means making friends pretty much wherever you go. Smile and give a fist bump to the doorman. Tell the bartender how pretty she looks and offer her one of your mixes. Make sure you know the A-list and B-list promoters in town…and make sure they know you too. Always make time to talk to club owners and get to know who organizes the music festivals you want to attend and eventually play.

These are the people you will need—plus other DJs—to help you be the DJ you aspire to be.

Know The Trends

You may not be the type of DJ to give the audience all the popular songs radio DJs are playing but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know current and future music trends. Even if you have no intention of playing certain songs or artists you should know what clubbers want to hear. If you don’t, chances are your first gig at a big name club will be your last.

Find a way to take the music people are listening to today, and give them what they want while remaining true to yourself as an artist. It’s a tightrope but you’ll learn in time.


Be Persistent

You know I really hate handing out trite advice like “don’t give up” but there’s a reason this is a popular piece of advice…its true! Be persistent in your efforts to learn how to DJ, learn your DJ equipment and getting gigs.

There will be promoters who favor certain DJs; don’t let them. Keep at them, approaching them at various venues and reminding them what an amazing asset you would be to their roster of artists. There will be people who believe you are too young or inexperienced, prove them wrong by being an awesome DJ.

Be persistent in getting your foot in the door and prove yourself where it counts: the DJ booth!

Hustle, Then Hustle Some More

To make it as a DJ you will have to have a certain fire in your belly. You will be pounding the pavement for days and weeks until you get your first gig at the big clubs in town, but that’s how you will get those gigs.

Show people you’re a scrapper who isn’t afraid to walk up to strangers and sell them on your skills and your brand. You will experience setbacks…it’s the nature of the game, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with those setbacks. Will you let them keep you down or will you dust off the disappointment and try the next club or promoter?

Don’t Forget…

Before you can be the DJ you want to be, you must first decide what type of DJ that is? Do you simply want to book gigs and play whatever the promoter wants you to play or do you want to be an artist who plays music people didn’t know they’d love…but do love? These of course aren’t your only options, but you have to define what success means for you.

Once you have figured that out you are in a much better position to go after that goal with a ‘won’t quit’ attitude.

You will meet those who doubt you but you have to learn how to brush that aside and keep pursuing your goal. History is filled with artists that people doubted would succeed and they did. Why? Because they believed they could and that was all it took to keep going after the seemingly impossible.

Meet the people who will help you succeed and develop (and maintain) relationships with them. Be there when a DJ is needed and offer to help when you can. Do that and you’ll find your DJ career doing better this year than it did the past year.

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