Becoming A DJ Vs. Becoming A Producer

DJ vs producing

A lot of new DJs ask me how they can make their own beats. Thats called being a music producer and its a lot different from being a DJ. Both require completely different skillsets and personal strengths yet both are crucial for your success as a professional DJ.

So here is the low down on DJing vs Producing. We’ll take a look at why each are so important.

People get into DJing because they want to be social, share the music the life, attain a lifestyle, meet girls, become cool and even make some money doing something fun. You don’t even need to be a great technical DJ to work the club or rave scene and get big gigs in your city because its all about who you know and how well you can entertain the crowd. The thing is that being a great DJ can only get you so far. You’ll eventually hit a celling where you can’t get bigger gigs. You’ll be one of the top local DJs and you won’t be able to go any higher. Sure, you may get the odd out of town gig just because you know someone but your phone won’t be ringing off of the hook for international gigs.

This might be fine. Maybe you’ll be happy just playing local DJ gigs. But if you want to become a true professional DJ, the kind that plays to tens-of-thousands every night and lives the life of a rockstar celebrity, you need to be producing your own music and that music needs to be good enough to spread.

You see, in order for some club promoter in Berlin, New York or Hong Kong to call you up and want to pay you $5000 to come DJ at his venu, he’s going to have to be damn sure that the place is going to be filled. And lets be honest, its the DJ that fills the venu not the promoter. So are you, the local DJ from your city, a nobody in that other city, really going to be able to fill a 5000+ capacity venue so that your travel costs and booking fee are justified? Unlikely.

So how can you make it worth while for a promoter to bring you in? Simple, you make your own music that gets played on the radio and by other DJs all around the world. When you product a track and a DJ like Tiesto or Pete Tong plays it, people will instantly go find the track. Your name will be on the track. All of a sudden people as far as South Africa, Dubai, India and Buenos Aires will know who you are. With each track you produce your name spreads more. All of a sudden it makes sense for the promoter in the city or country next door to fly you out and put you up. If you keep getting more tracks out and they get more and more promotion from big name radio spots and DJs you’ll start getting international gigs and the lifestyle the goes along with it. Being a great DJ will only get you more fans and more future gigs!

The challenge is that local DJing and international producing is very different. Producing is technical work in the studio. Its clicking knobs and turning dials in a dark room in your basement or in a studio. Then its spamming your tracks via the internet to every record label you can find and hoping that one of them will pick it up, release it and market it. This require much different skillsets than local DJing which is mostly just partying, networking and playing music.

So where do you start if you want to be an international DJ?

If I were to start over again I’d start off as a producer first and then learn DJing second. Why? Because its a lot easier and quicker to learn to DJ than it is to produce. Producing is a 5 year journey. You have to learn so much about the software and about musical composition. Once you are getting your tracks out there and you are getting requests for DJ gigs you can they quickly learn to DJ using a DJ training system like Pro DJ Mixing. Furthermore you can become an international DJ without knowing how to DJ. Lots of pro DJs have shown us that. But you can’t become an international DJ without releasing tracks.

So get into the studio and start making music so you can start DJing around the world at the best parties!

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