Dubturbo Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Dubturbo Beat Maker

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Dubturbo Beat Maker

Duturbo reviews

Finding the right beat making software to fit your music producing needs can be an uphill battle. Every software maker claims their product is the best and they create websites touting their own product, making it difficult to know what’s true and what’s not.

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So to help you make up your mind and find the best beat maker for your needs and your pocketbook, I’ve done the legwork and created a Dubturbo review to help you decide. Keep reading to find out if this music producing software can help you.

What Is Dubturbo?

Dubturbo is a beat making software that you can use online or on your personal computer to make beats and music in just about every genre imaginable. Whether you produce pop, rap, dance or new wave you can makes tracks and music easily.

The simplest way to understand Dubturbo beat maker is that it is a Digital Audio Workstation, also known as a DAW that allows you to make the music you want without emptying your bank account. If you need software that allows you to make music quickly and easily then this Dubturbo review may help you decide which music producing software is right.

What Do You Get When You Buy Dubturbo Download?

When you buy Dubturbo you get plenty of options to make the music you want. What you get first is an easy to use main interface that you can even use your keyboard to control the gadgets involved in this software. You can use your mouse for simple point and click or your keyboard to navigate the software, making this useful for personal computers and laptops.

These features include 16 tracks so you lay down sounds with drums, mic or keys. In addition to a 4 octave keyboard, Dubturbo also has a drum machine sequencer that has 10 pads. With all these options, Dubturbo software lets you edit individual sounds or import your own to complete your music the way you want.

Dubturbo beat maker also features a keyboard editor that allows you to use your keyboard to type out beats and melodies. This allows you to shorten the time it takes to make beats from hours to minutes.
Dubturbo Download

Is The Price Reasonable?

The price of Dubturbo, $39.95 is more than reasonable for what you get. For less than $50 you get what some DJ’s spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain. Because Dubturbo beat maker comes with mixers, samplers, keyboards, microphones and software you don’t have to purchase any additional equipment to produce the music you want.

With access to thousands of music samples you don’t have to go the way of old school DJ’s and collect them on your own. With these samples at your fingertips you can easily create unique beats, especially since you can import your own for original tracks.

Dubturbo Beat Maker Benefits

One of the most appealing benefits of Dubturbo that any DJ will find gratifying is that the beats and tunes you create are broadcast quality so you can sell your beats. Some producers won’t need this right away, but if you have plans to become a professional (paid) DJ then you can use Dubturbo to create a sample for potential customers.

If you want software that is easy to use without a lot of setbacks then you’ll love the Dubturbo download. The Dubturbo interface is as easy to use as any basic computer program; all you have to do is point, click and drag your way into amazing tunes and beats.

With a 16-track sequencer Dubturbo beat mixer teaches even a beginner producer about basic sound mixing. With the DAW that you get with Dubturbo you can learn how to mix sounds and practice your producing skills without spending all of your hard-earned cash on expensive equipment.

Another amazing benefit of the Dubturbo download is that you can import your own sounds so you can create whatever new style of music you want. Add your own sounds to the more than 2,000 sounds available so you can get the beat or tune exactly right.

Dubturbo Beat Maker

Dubturbo Beat Maker Drawbacks

The only real drawback I see with the Dubturbo Beat Maker is that if you don’t have a quality sound card in your computer, you might find using the Dubturbo download a long and frustrating process. Dubturbo needs a lot of power to run, which means an older computer may not do the trick.

The good news is that upgrading the soundcard in your computer is a lot cheaper than buying all the components of a digital audio workstation. So if you need Dubturbo to help you lay down your beats, get the upgrade.

Obviously professional music producers will want sound mixing software that offers more customization than Dubturbo, but this software isn’t geared toward professionals. The Dubturbo download is for beginner and intermediate level producers still learning to produce high quality tracks.

Should You Get The Dubturbo Download?

I think that Dubturbo Beat Maker is an excellent purchase for those who are still learning how to mix beats and sounds together. If you’re starting out and need to build a portfolio for paid work, then Dub Turbo will help you get there.

The interface is easy to use and the training videos allow you to quickly pick up what you can’t just from downloading the software. If you have the money and you need to get started with an easy to use program that offers you plenty of options for laying down beats, I think Dubturbo is worth the cost.

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