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Is Your Branding Strategy Working?

Online DJ brand

These days everyone and their mother wastes hours online. Whether it is pinning photos on Pinterest, flooding their wall with random things on Facebook or sifting through new and unknown artists on Spotify…the internet is the place to be! But with all that saturation many new DJs wonder, how effective is this for expanding my DJ brand?

The truth is that if you’re putting forth a half-assed effort then your efforts probably aren’t producing any kind of results. But if you have a targeted marketing approach along with quality content creation, expanding your DJ brand will work…eventually.

There are things you can do—across online platforms—to make sure your name is on the lips of more and more music fans around the world.


Your life and your job is music so stick to your wheelhouse, but don’t get stale. Use your website, Facebook, podcasts and any other social platform you are a part of to share your own musical tastes with people who care. As a DJ you play other people’s music all the time so you, more than most people, have a good ear for what and who is on the rise. Why not share that with the virtual world?

We no longer have mixtapes or mix CDs but let’s be honest, those were pretty awesome, right? So transfer that same thought to a digital playlist. It’s Friday and you’ve found a ton of new artists you love, create a Top Ten Artists To Watch For playlist and share. What’s great about this idea is that you will always have more songs than 10, so you can save them from one week to the next and update it say…every Friday.

If you love this idea, consider adding other themes for your mood, a special celebration, workout or any other reason you listen to a certain type of music. You are giving something to your audience and it’s something that will almost certainly guarantee replies.

Share Your Life

You are your DJ brand which means, to a certain extent, you need to share parts of your life with your fans and followers. I don’t mean you need to post passive-aggressive Facebook messages on your wall, but you should feel free to post things that add to your DJ brand.

Spending the day with another DJ friend? Post a picture of you together at a record store or simply “livin’ the life”. If you’re out listening to another DJ perform, Tweet about it or better yet, tell people where you’ll be and who’ll be performing. This is the type of content that keeps followers engage and makes them feel like their somehow getting the inside track on music events.

It doesn’t matter if your followers live thousands of miles away and can’t attend, they will repost the information which will translate into more followers for you.

How to expand DJ brand online

Be Consistent

One of the most important things to your DJ brand is consistency. This means that what you put on Spotify should appear on your Facebook DJ page, your website and linked to all of the above on your Twitter feed. In order to expand your brand you need to be constantly reaching out to new people. The best way to do that is make sure you are consistently updating content on all social media platforms.

If you reach a few new followers on Twitter, you want them to re-Tweet links…to all of your online appearances.

Listen To Your Followers

You can’t build your DJ brand around one or two comments made by your followers but you can listen to what they are saying collectively. Are you getting tons of requests about tracks you produce that never end up on a new album? Then consider putting those ‘discards’ into a playlist. It not only lets you give ‘the people’ what they want but it’s the type of content that writes itself. A simple post about why it didn’t make the grade will give you tons of feedback from followers, fans and maybe even fellow musicians.

Nothing will make people more loyal to you than if they feel as though you are actually listening to them. So take time and read those comments, messages and emails…sometimes people actually have good ideas.

Slow & Steady

You have to remember that building your DJ brand is not a race, or if it is it is a long distance, cross-country marathon. My point is that you can choose to simply dump a ton of content once a week onto your website and social media platforms but it ain’t gonna help engage more people. In this, slow and steady really does win in the end.

A few crumbs every day gives people a reason to keep coming back and quality content is what will compel them to share your posts, music and photos with likeminded fans and followers.

The goal isn’t to have a billion followers; it is to have a steadily increasing number of fans and music lovers who actually give a crap what you’re saying.

I hope I helped you create a solid strategy to expand your DJ brand. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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