Getting Dj Gigs. DJ Ben Tells You How!

djgigs2 Getting Dj Gigs. DJ Ben Tells You How!

Dj Ben from Taiwan emailed me the other day letting me know that he had been inspired by all of the great information that has given to new DJs. In the spirit of helping out the cause, DJ Ben wrote an “DJing For Dummies” style article on getting DJ gigs and he wanted me to share it with you.

DJ Ben has been learning how to dj through the Video Dj Lessons email series. This is also how he got in contact with me. If you haven’t yet signed up for the free DJ Lesson Videos Newsletter then do so Right Now by clicking HERE!.


The first step to DJ idol greatness is to get gigs!

Once you have taken dj lessons and can now dj mix it is now time to go out and get gigs. It is only through such gigs that you can showcase your talents and let all your hard work come to fruition. Think about it, music lovers on their feet, dancing away to your beats. Damn, that really sounds awe inspiring. The question now is how does a new DJ like yourself get DJ gigs?

There are so many different ways to get your DJ gigs. The important thing here is to TRUST your abilities and not be afraid to contact people in the inner circle…

Create your very own style or persona and start sending out e-mails, letters and samples (your dj mix) to radio DJs, internet radio producers, record label heads, nighclub promoters and anyone that you think would help in getting you a gig. Be original with all your e-mails, letters and dj cd samples.

Face it, creativity captures attention so think out of the box a little and move off the mainstream.

Don’t worry too much about making any cash as of yet. The thing here is to get yourself heard. You need to learn to dj in all different situations and allow your name to be on the mouth of all music lovers. Once you achieved that, i assure you, there would be too many gigs and too much cash coming your way.

This might sound rather contradictive to some, but have you ever thought of getting in some free “air time” in some other more famous gigs? Do not limit this to just the regular DJ gigs. As I said, work your brains a little. You’re getting there, aren’t you. Yep, try getting some play time in between some pop gigs instead. A DJ mixing his stuff there would be a breath of fresh air after all the electric guitar, singing, drums and bass. Fans would definitely remember you for that.

Next, what’s a party like without loud blaring music? Birthday bashes, graduation parties, wedding parties just to name a few. Volunteer to be their free DJ for the night! Always remember to introduce yourself in various (funny) ways throughout your “performance” and for Pete’s sake, please do it in all sorts of cranky ways, forcing yourself into the minds of the party goers and at the same time, winning the adoration of the opposite sex. Who knows, you just might get lucky.

You see, once you’re done your dj training and you start get your name out there, you become the next up-and-rising in thing. Well-paid DJ gigs would then come your way. From then on, let’s just say continue from one milestone to the next and ultimately, spin your way to greatness.

Hope you enjoyed and that this helps you with your Djing!

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dj forum Getting Dj Gigs. DJ Ben Tells You How!

 Getting Dj Gigs. DJ Ben Tells You How!

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 Getting Dj Gigs. DJ Ben Tells You How!

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