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Can A DJ Get Good Headphones For Cheap?

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As a working DJ your ability to do your job is directly related to your gear. And while having the right gear is important, it is equally important that you don’t spend too much on the newest, shiniest piece of DJ equipment to hit the market. First of all most DJs operate on a budget, which means paying $300 for a pair of really good headphones may not be possible…or smart.

The question most DJs ask me is, how much is too much for everything from good headphones to speakers and DJ controllers. Answering this question is a lot like walking on a tightrope because if I say $150 is too much I’ll get bombarded with emails about how I’m a smug prick for suggesting that’s cheap and if I say no more than $50 then elitist DJs will be telling me I’m lying and setting you up for a pair of cheap headphones guaranteed to break after a few gigs.

So I know I don’t want to deal with all that, but I will help you figure out if the headphones you want but are mad expensive, are worth the cost.

Be Realistic

The first question you must ask yourself after you’ve broken or lost your headphones is, am I being realistic? I mean, sure you can find a solid pair of good headphones from Sennheiser for about $20 plus the cost of shipping, but if you’re expecting to pay anything less than that…you are not being very realistic.

You also need to know where to look. Of course you want to be like your DJ brethren and shop at the big name electronics stores, but those places are ridiculously overpriced even if you’re raking the dough. Start your search online where you can find both new and used headphones that just might get the job done.

It’s All About The Features

How do you know if you’re being realistic about what is a good pair of headphones and what is a reasonable price for them? Then you need to ask yourself what you expect these incredibly reasonably priced headphones to do for you.

If your goal is to find good headphones for DJing for less than $50 then you should expect to do without certain features like cordless headphones, detachable cables, adjustable earcups and sound isolation. These are features meant to entice DJs who are serious about their jobs, yes, but also looking to spend a lot of money to get those features.

Can you live without adjustable earcups? I lived without them for years and while I find them supremely cool I’m not sure how my ears feel about them yet. It takes time to adjust to these small advances and while you may want these high end features, you don’t know if you’ll like them.

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What do you expect from your DJ headphones? Do they get loud enough without sound distortion? Are they comfortable and lightweight—after all you will be wearing these suckers for hours and hours…and hours? Do the earcups close comfortably around you to block out background noise? Is the cord long enough so you can move around a standard DJ booth?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you can absolutely get a pair of good headphones for $20 or less from Sennheiser, Behringer and Panasonic. Find your preferred brands and then see what your choices are within them.

How Much Can You Afford?

One of the things new DJs tend to do when it comes to budgeting for DJ equipment is determine how much they want to pay rather than how much they can pay. This is an important distinction because being cheap may end up costing you more money in the long run.

My first pair of DJ headphones were more than good—they were quite amazing actually, or maybe I thought so because they were “real DJ headphones”—but someone else bought them for me. So when they got smashed under a crate of CDs, I was left up a creek without a paddle and without a pair of good headphones and I was forced to buy my own.

I chose to spend as little as possible and let me tell you those headphones were crap. So while I spent about $15 on those headphones I ended up having to replace them in 2 months because they weren’t blocking out enough noise in some of the bigger venues that started to book me. So in the end I paid about $80 because I needed to upgrade the useless $15 headphones, buy a new pair for $50 plus another $15 for expedited shipping so they arrived before my next gig.

Forget Everyone Else

The truth is that only you can decide what are good headphones for the price. If a pair has all the features you need and you can come in under budget…go for it! But don’t make the mistake of trying to save more than you can afford to spend or you may end up regretting it in the end.

Do your due diligence and look at the big name DJ headphone makers and see what the best you can get is for the cash you have, for a pair of good headphones. If it’s not a manufacturer you trust, go to a nearby electronics store to test them out and then save money by getting them online.

I hope I helped you find a pair of good headphones for cheap. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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