What Are Good Names For A DJ Business?

Is Your DJ Business Name Cool Enough?


One of the most important DJ names you must consider—in addition to your actual DJ name—is the name of your business. For those of you who will spend the majority of your career performing at clubs, bars and festivals you may decide that your stage name will double as your business name.

The rest of you looking to produce music and score films or whatever other musical endeavor you’d like to take up…will be asking what are good names for a DJ business? I’m not going to tell you what you should name your business but I am going to help you figure some tips for a memorable yet professional name.

Can You Spell It?

One of the first things to take into account when trying to figure out what are good names for your DJ business is…ease. The point is that the name of your business must be easy—relatively so—to spell upon hearing it. This means don’t go nuts trying to be unique because you want people, especially venue owners and event planners, to be able plug your name into Google upon hearing it.

They should be able to find you on the first or second go, so make sure it isn’t too difficult.

Is It Obvious?

When coming up with the name for your DJ business let’s pretend to go back in time a few decades to those days when the Yellow Pages were the main source of finding business. If I’m looking to book a DJ to collaborate with or play an event…will I be able to tell what your business is based on the name?

I know that most people will be looking you up online, but what about business cards? The point is that you want incredibly busy club owners to hear your business name and know exactly what you do.

Is The URL available?

Whenever I come up with a new business venture one of the first things I do when a name hits something in me, is check the availability of the web address. You may not want to purchase the address, but you probably will because it is easier to find you that way than just about any other.

I know, “but I already have a website for my DJ name”. That’s great but if you do more than DJ you want people to be able to find you to produce music or create graphics or rent sound equipment. The uninitiated will see DJ Funkdafied and think all you do is play music, which is not the best way to make money. SO you’ll need a DJ website and a business website.


Business Name Availability

One of the biggest mistakes that new business owners—DJs in particular—make is that they forget to legally establish their business. Sure you can take the less than legal route but if you decide you want to write off software and hardware upgrades, gig clothing and all other types of delicious tax write-offs…you’ll want to establish yourself legally.

So when you ask yourself what are good names for your business, you should have 3 to 5 names that you can live with and then check for availability with the business licensing entity in your state or province.

Don’t get too attached to one name because it may not be available, especially if you live in a city with a dense DJ population.

Does It Stand Out?

For any business being boring is worse than being bad because boring is easy to ignore. So don’t go for something dull as the name of your business, like Music Ltd because it will be forgotten before your meeting is over.

It doesn’t have to be outrageous but it shouldn’t be dull…live as a DJ isn’t dull so why should your name be?

Steer Clear of These

Some of the things you need to look out for when searching for good names for your DJ business, include:

  • Clichés. They are unoriginal and honestly tend to turn people off.
  • Nonsensical names that are difficult to spell or pronounce, or worse they give no indication what service or good your business provides.
  • Names with explicit words in them. Of course you are a non-conformist artist and the whole world needs to know it. BUT you are also a professional and don’t want to turn off anyone who might need your services.
  • Unusual characters or letters in place of traditional words. It will confuse people in their search for you and they will do what’s easier: moving to the next name on their list.

Figuring out a good name for your DJ business can make you more successful so take the time to find a name that suits you and your business.

I hope I helped you figure out the coolest name for your DJ business. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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