Google Music Teams Up With DJ Tiesto

The Internet Giant Teams Up With The World's Largest DJ

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If you haven’t heard yet, Google just launched its new music platform called Google Music which is a Android specific music download service. The main purpose of the Google Music Store is to compete with Apple iTunes and to steal market share away from the iphone over to the Android.

So how is this relevant or important to DJs? Google music offers a mix of downloads, streaming audio and social media. The service also syncs a user’s music library across their devices. More importantly, Google Music has launched over 13 million songs from a number of top industry labels. On top of this they secured a number of exclusive songs and mixes from artists like DJ Tiesto that can’t be found anywhere else.

The internet giant and the world’s most well-known DJ have teamed up to help launch Google Music. The VP of Google Music was quoted as saying ” “Google Music helps you spend more time listening to your collection and less time managing it. And don’t forget to turn your speakers up to eleven.” If this is true this will be a huge benefit to us DJs that have large music collections to manage.

The only downside to Google music so far is that it is exclusivly available only in the USA. This is a common issue in the music industry (music industry dj games) because record labels give territorial rights to different companies for different areas of the world. Now the Google Music is set up for the US, we can expect an expansion into Europe in the coming months.

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