How To Be A Disk Jockey

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Become A Disk Jockey

how to be a disk jockey

Want to know how to be a disk jockey? You came to the right place!

Every day there are thousands of people looking for info on how to become a disk jockey. The bad news is that these aspiring DJs stumble into bad information and it ends up stalling their progress with learning to DJ.

Look up “how to be a disk jockey” or check out any message forum and you’ll quickly realize how scattered the DJing advice is out there. And I can relate, when I was getting started learning to be a disk jockey I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of steps to take to become a Disk Jockey.

The good news is that becoming a disk jockey is a lot easier than you think. Heres how to be a disk jockey:

How To Be A Disk Jockey Tip #1

One of the very first things you’ll need as a newer disk jockey is to make a choice as to the musical genre you want to play. Do you want to learn how to disk jockey dance music? Hip hop? Top 40? Everything (wedding DJ)? This is an important first step in figuring out how to be a disk jockey because the style of music you want to play will dictate the DJ equipment you’ll need.

It may be the easiest out of all of the steps in learning how to be a disk jockey but its one of the most crucial times where new DJs go wrong.

Disk Jockey Tip #2

So you have now chosen the genre of music that you want to play when you’re a disk jockey. The second step in how to be a disk jockey is to choose your DJ equipment.

Heres an example: you want to be a house music Disk Jockey. Okay, if you bought vinyl turntables you’d be making the wrong choice. Turntables – even if they’re connected to Serato – are better for DJs that want more a physical feel to their DJing. This is usually for DJs that want to scratch to hip hop music.

If you’re planning on doing anything other than scratching with you disk jockeying, I recommend that you look at digital Disk jockey equipment. Sure, you can drop $1500 a piece on Pioneer CDJ 1000s (industry standard DJ CD players) but you’d get the same effect by using a piece of DJ software on your laptop instead.

Take for instance the Numark Mixtrack Pro. Its $300 for the DJ controller that mimics a full DJ setup and the DJ software that controls the music. No lugging around books of Disk Jockey CDs and it can be plugged into any big sound system you want.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing raves, festivals, hip hop clubs, house music parties or even weddings. A digital DJ controller and matching software is by far the best DJ equipment for the money.

DJing – How To Start – Tip #3

So you’ve picked up some DJ gear for a reasonable price. Sweet! Its time to learn the real skill behind learning how to be a Disk Jockey. You’re eager to mix but you have to slow down and focus on building the base DJing skill: beatmatching. If you’re a brand new Disk Jockey beatmatching is a the holy-grail because once you can beatmatch you can call yourself a DJ!

What is beatmatching? If you play 2 songs out loud at the same time they will sound terrible. Their beats will be off. This is what we call a train-wreck because – as the name says – the noise is terrible. So you need to match the speed of the two songs and get the beats playing at the same time. This is beatmatching.

Try to teach yourself and beatmatching could take years. I advise that you invest in a DJ course. Without something like online DJ lessons you’ll struggle to learn and it won’t be much fun. Invest in some Dj training and it will be a lot quicker and more enjoyable!

How To Be A Disk Jockey Tip #4

So you know how to match beats. Sweet! Nice work. You can now tell your friends and your mom that you’re a DJ. But you still have a lot to learn young DJ jedi.

Beyond beatmatching you’re going to have to put some more hours in to figure out various DJ skills and DJ tricks like dropping in tracks, cutting tracks in and out, EQing, gain controll, spinouts, a variety of different scratches and a long list of other things.

The good news is that this is the fun part! 😀 Once you can beatmatch its pretty much all downhill.

Professional Disk Jockey Tip #5

To start getting DJ gigs, weather it be for weddings or at raves, you’ll need to have a demo mix CD of your best mixing. Learning how to be a Disk Jockey is the hard part. This is the easy part.

Putting together a DJ demo CD can be fun but most new DJs miss out on one key step: planning. You need to plan to target your demo CD to the specific group of promoters and venue mangers that you want to play for.

Don’t make a general cross-genre mix CD (unless thats what the venue wants). Make something that will fit in with the venues and nights where you want to DJ!

I hope I helped you with becoming a disk jockey. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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