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Want to know how to be a DJ? Everyone wants to know how to become a dj these days so its important that you start out properly to get ahead of all of the DJ competition out there.

Even if you just want to learn to DJ in your bedroom, it is important that you follow a crucial series of steps to ensure that you don’t get frustrated and give up learning djing.

98% of new DJs that start out learning how to slowly become a big dj end up giving up before they can fully beatmatch, let alone ever play a real DJ gig. Its kind of sad but its true!

How To Be A DJ Tip #1

This happens because new DJs get bad advice when they are starting out. Maybe you have a friend that calls himself a dj and he gives you advice. Maybe you seek answers on dj message forums. Either way you need to be VERY careful with regards to advice on djing.

There are so many keyboard jockeys who never accomplished anything as a DJ that sit on dj message forums all day giving advice on how to be a dj. These are not the type of guys you want to learn to dj from.

If you’re going to look for advice, which is highly recommended, its super important that you learn from guys that actually know how to dj. Guys that have played gigs and rocked out to huge dance floors. Those are the DJs that can show you how to dj the quickest.

And I say that it is recommended to seek advice from successful djs because the fastest way to learn any new skill – including learning how to be a dj – is to find someone that has already made it, to show you the way.

Finding a professional DJ and learning from him will save you a ton of struggle and stress figuring out how to be a DJ by yourself. The difference is night and day. Learn djing by yourself and it can take more than a year to learn how to mix like a pro dj. Invest in proper dj training from the start and it can take you just a few weeks to learn to dj.

Tip #2 On How To Become A DJ

Then once you learn Djing, its very important that you don’t blow all of your money on expensive DJ equipment.

Again you’ll log onto dj message forums and you’ll find hundreds of pictures of other bedroom djs, learning how to be a dj on the most expensive pieces of DJ gear. This looks cool and DJs brag about their expensive gear, but this doesn’t make them good DJs. In fact, most of the DJs that post pictures of their expensive bedroom dj setups never end up leaving the bedroom.

The DJs that are serious and want to DJ big parties, these DJs invest in things like music and in DJ lessons because those are the things that accelerate the rate at which you will learn.

Do yourself a favor and buy cheap DJ Gear that works well and doesn’t have all of the fancy features. You don’t need effects on your mixer or 8 different loop functions on your CDJ because you wont use them when you’re learning to beatmatch. And playing with these extra bells and whistles will only distract you from learning the fundamentals of learning how to be a dj!

So be very careful about who you take advice from and invest in DJ training. Learning how to be a dj can be fun and easy if you have someone successful to show you the way.

DJ lessons are effective but expensive. Whats even better is to find some instructional DVDs or online videos and learn from them. Its like getting a dj lesson but you can repeat it over and over again! This and your music collection are much better investments than some fancy pieces of DJ gear!

How To DJ Tip #3

I remember how it was starting out learning how to be a DJ. I didn’t have any money but I wanted to be a DJ so bad! And because I couldn’t afford any DJ lessons it took me almost 2 years to learn how to DJ well enough so I could play out. Thats right… 2 years!

If I had taken some DJ lessons I would have been WAY ahead of all of my friends. But how you can you get some DJ lessons and know DJing without blowing the bank?

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