How To Become A Big DJ

how to become a big dj How To Become A Big DJ

I was talking with a DJ Producer friend yesterday that is huge. His

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DJing schedule is one constant world tour and he really is living the dream! He plays in places like Ibiza all the time at all of the biggest and best clubs. And he gets to work in the studio with some of the top artists in the world. He’s good friends with all of the top names and he gets paid a lot to DJ.

Dijing has obviously been great to him. He’s really involved with some big record labels and he had some DJ advice to pass along to me on how to become a Dj – a big name superstar DJ!

Now this advice may be getting ahead of where you’re at now. I just wanted to throw it out there before I forget so that you’ll have it in mind as your DJing progresses.

Its widely known that to become a DJ – a big touring professional DJ – you need to produce your own tracks. Making the tracks in the studio is fun but promoting them and getting them signed to labels can be a ton of work!

The labels are swamped with music and are always under staffed so getting an AR person at the record labels to listen to your tracks is tough. Getting them to choose your track over the thousands of other submissions they get is unlikely.

Furthermore, when a label does sign your track they won’t put a lot of marketing behind it. This is because even if your track makes it to #1 on Beatport, it will only be there for a week and then it will get lost in the shuffle. So the label won’t make that much money from your track.

So you’re going to be hustling to get tracks signed to labels because thats the only way you can get distribution, but then your tracks won’t get much push from the record labels unless your a big name superstar dj. If you’re just learning how to dj then you won’t get much attention.

So if you’re going to have to slog it out to get each track signed and each track is on a different label with each of these labels only putting in mediocore promotion, wouldn’t it be better to stick to (sign with) one record label?

Think about it this way. Instead of shopping each of your tracks around to different labels you could just sign with one good label. This way they will release every one of your future tracks. So they will have a lot invested in you as a DJ and a producer. As a result they will put more marketing and promotion behind your tracks and you’ll get more exposure. Your name will piggyback the success of the label and its branding. Its all upside.

So whats the downside? You’ll have to give a small percentage of all of your DJ gigs to the record label. Afterall they are the ones getting your tracks out there right and getting you exposure. And as a result you end up with more DJ bookings.

Now the key is to get in with a big label. A label that gets behind its DJs and develops them. A company that has a marketing budget to get you exposure as a DJ.

To get the attention of one of these big labels you need to start by getting some of your first tracks onto other labels with similar styles of music. You need a bit of a DJ and producer resume. Then you approach one of these large record labels as a DJ / producer with a package of your best tunes, a short resume and something that will make you stand out.

Lets be honest here record labels are out to make money off of new DJs and experienced DJs alike so if you offer to take very little of the profits in exchange for the exposure of being signed to their label, they will be more keen to sign you. Remember that once your name gets the exposure, you start getting booked for DJ gigs and thats where you make your money and have all of the fun.

I hope this helps you as you learn how to DJ and work towards becoming a big name DJ.

 How To Become A Big DJ

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