How To Become A DJ

Want to know how to become a DJ? This section is for you! Getting started with figuring out how to become a DJ can be very confusing. How and where do you start? If you’re just starting out and want to learn how to be a good DJ you’ll find everything you need right here: all of the key points for becoming a DJ! This section will show you how to become a DJ as quick as possible!

5 DJ Tools To Keep You Connected

Are you not getting gigs because no one can find you?

DJ tools connected 5 DJ Tools To Keep You Connected

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how many hours you spend in the DJ booth or how many times you’ve warmed up for a big name artist…if you don’t have a way for fans, promoters and festival organizers to reach out to you. When someone—promoter, club owner or event planner—is in need of a DJ they start shuffling through their mental Rolodex. First up are DJs they’ve used in the past, new and old, and then the interest for a dragnet approach.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, but what matters is that you have ways you can be reached. I know you have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed and every day more people are pinning your gig images. But what about people who are looking for more information about you as a DJ? This is your chance to talk about yourself, boast about your gigs and basically show off.

So, do you have the tools you need to highlight your skills and achievements? Continue reading “5 DJ Tools To Keep You Connected” »

6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Celebrity DJ

Are you working hard to be a DJ superstar?

smush how+to+be+a+better+DJ 6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Celebrity DJ

You can DJ your entire adult life and still not become a well-known DJ, while others seem to become overnight sensations. We may not admit it to others, but admit it to yourself, that we’d all love to be celebrity DJs. The fact is that being a celebrity means that people actually know who you are and that can translate into all kinds of perks such as residencies at some of the hottest, coolest clubs on the planet, big paydays, endorsements and headlining tours.

Sounds good, right?

Yeah it sounds really good. But that kind of superstardom doesn’t come easily. It requires hard work—tons of it—and a determination to succeed. So let’s talk about what you need to do to push your status from unknown DJ to superstar! Continue reading “6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Celebrity DJ” »

Learn How To DJ…Like A Pro

How To DJ: Fake It 'Til You Make It!

 Learn How To DJ…Like A Pro

When you first decided to learn how to DJ you wanted to do it fast. You wanted to order all of your DJ equipment one day and start booking gigs the next. What happened when that didn’t work out for you? You let your DJ gear gather dust, brushed off DJ lessons and decided it was just impossible to become a professional DJ in the digital age. Sound about right?


By now I’m sure you’ve learned that it takes a lot more than desire to learn how to DJ and become a professional DJ. Of course you will need to learn how to use your DJ software and hardware but that is where my DJ lessons come in handy. Today we’re talking about the everyday things you can do to learn how to DJ like you’re already a pro. Continue reading “Learn How To DJ…Like A Pro” »

6 Habits That Will Teach You How To Be A Better DJ

What Are You Doing To Be A Better DJ?

smush DJ+habits+for+success 6 Habits That Will Teach You How To Be A Better DJ

You are a professional DJ. Congratulations! You have achieved the first step in realizing your career goals. You have a few regular gigs and now you are looking to capitalize on your growing popularity and become a full-fledged music pro. The problem is you feel as though you’re doing everything right and yet your DJ career seems to have stagnated.


The answer is…I dunno. There are many reasons DJs experience a setback in their move to the top and mostly it is due to complacency. You’ve found a recipe for success that has taken you from part-time DJ to full-time professional DJ so you stick to it. That makes sense, but it also does nothing to separate you from all the other DJs with a small but loyal following.

Now is the time to kick things up a notch! Do more and do it better if you want to see more changes in your career. Adopt these habits and you’ll not only become a better DJ but a more successful one as well. Continue reading “6 Habits That Will Teach You How To Be A Better DJ” »

Why You Should Take DJ Lessons Online

The skinny on DJ lessons online!

smush Take+DJ+lessons+online Why You Should Take DJ Lessons Online

Whether you have only recently decided to learn how to DJ or you have made the jump to digital DJing, you will need some help. Chances are good that you have already started looking into DJ schools, right? But my guess is that you’ve found the academies in the larger cities are time consuming and costly. That’s because they have all jumped on the bandwagon of the EDM wave that has swept the world this past decade and, you know, all that supply and demand crap…

But the good news for you enterprising DJs out there is that you can take DJ lessons right in the comfort of your own home. You won’t need some hipster tutor showing up at your house smelling like artisan cheese, because you can sign up online and learn what you need to know without leaving the house.

The bad news is that some of you are still stuck in that whole ‘traditional’ way of learning idea and you think there’s something wrong with learning online. Well let me put your dance music loving mind at ease with these straight up solid reasons you need to consider DJ lessons online. Continue reading “Why You Should Take DJ Lessons Online” »

DJ Lessons Part IV: The Process

Are You Wasting Your Precious DJ Time?

smush DJ+lessons DJ Lessons Part IV: The Process

Every DJ has a process. The ways in which he or she sets about performing basic DJ tasks. Anyone that has ever had a DJ mentor knows just how easy it is to adopt someone else’s process as your own. Whether or not it is the most efficient or easiest way for you, we often do what we see first. But the truth is that among many of the DJ lessons you’ll learn throughout your career, figuring out your own process will be the most difficult.

Many of the things you’ll do as a DJ will become second nature to you, but until that time you will make a lot of mistakes which means correcting a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry because today I’m going to give you a quick rundown of some of processes you need to perfect in order make your work day more efficient.

Just because you’re dealing with music doesn’t mean you aren’t working. When you have a set way to do things you’ll find you have more time to dedicate to the more important parts of being a DJ. Continue reading “DJ Lessons Part IV: The Process” »

5 Tips To Help You Be A Better DJ

Are you doing everything you can to be a better DJ?

smush Be+a+better+DJ 5 Tips To Help You Be A Better DJ

Whenever the year on the calendar changes we all scramble about making goals and plans for the year. But since you’ve already decided on your resolutions it is time to start talking about how to be a better DJ this year. This is a “this year” goal but rather a ‘forever’ goal that you should always be working towards. Being a better DJ is about more than playing the hottest tracks from the charts; it is about making moves that will make you the best DJ you can be.

Instead of focusing on dropping those last few pounds or giving up cigarettes and soda, dedicate more time to things that will make you a stellar DJ. I’ve got a few ideas to help you get the list started. Continue reading “5 Tips To Help You Be A Better DJ” »

DJ Goals for 2015 – How To DJ Better This Year

What Are Your DJ Goals This Year?

Better DJ gigs DJ Goals for 2015 – How To DJ Better This Year

Now that you’ve had time to recover from New Year’s Eve and settle into 2015, it is time to talk about how to DJ better this year. Last year you learned a lot about being a DJ and getting more gigs so this year your goals will have to be bigger.

Steady progress is good but in order to maintain it you will have to work even harder. Last year you were the new DJ on the block but now you’ve had some experience and you want to get DJ gigs at bigger venues, perhaps a slot in a festival or two. What will you do to make it happen? Continue reading “DJ Goals for 2015 – How To DJ Better This Year” »

4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success

What It Takes For DJ Success

smush female+DJs+rock 4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success

You don’t just want to be a DJ; you want to be the best DJ possible if not ever. But you’re young and inexperienced and you think there’s no way you’ll end up like well-known DJs topping the charts and raking in the big bucks. Why? Because you’re nothing like them, of course.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure every field is made up of certain groups that define it—usually male and white—but that doesn’t mean you have to fit that mold to be a major success. Continue reading “4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success” »

How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman

Are You Wearing Both DJ Hats Effectively?

smush be+a+pro+dj How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman

As much as we DJs would love to live the life of world-famous musicians and movie stars, the fact is that most of us will never have an entourage of people at our beck and call. What’s my point, you wonder, other than making you feel bad for your life choices? My point is that as DJs we have to be both the creative and the business sides of our careers. Unless you have an agent, manager, webmaster and a whole host of other professionals in the family…these tasks will all fall to you.

As daunting a task as this seems, it is actually very doable.

DJs for the most part work at home except when we’re performing and that means your home and your office are virtually the same space. How you set up your work space and living space will help you make the transition from working to chillin’ easily. Continue reading “How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman” »