How To Become A DJ

Want to know how to become a DJ? This section is for you! Getting started with figuring out how to become a DJ can be very confusing. How and where do you start? If you’re just starting out and want to learn how to be a good DJ you’ll find everything you need right here: all of the key points for becoming a DJ! This section will show you how to become a DJ as quick as possible!

4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success

What It Takes For DJ Success

smush female+DJs+rock 4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success

You don’t just want to be a DJ; you want to be the best DJ possible if not ever. But you’re young and inexperienced and you think there’s no way you’ll end up like well-known DJs topping the charts and raking in the big bucks. Why? Because you’re nothing like them, of course.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure every field is made up of certain groups that define it—usually male and white—but that doesn’t mean you have to fit that mold to be a major success. Continue reading “4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success” »

How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman

Are You Wearing Both DJ Hats Effectively?

smush be+a+pro+dj How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman

As much as we DJs would love to live the life of world-famous musicians and movie stars, the fact is that most of us will never have an entourage of people at our beck and call. What’s my point, you wonder, other than making you feel bad for your life choices? My point is that as DJs we have to be both the creative and the business sides of our careers. Unless you have an agent, manager, webmaster and a whole host of other professionals in the family…these tasks will all fall to you.

As daunting a task as this seems, it is actually very doable.

DJs for the most part work at home except when we’re performing and that means your home and your office are virtually the same space. How you set up your work space and living space will help you make the transition from working to chillin’ easily. Continue reading “How To DJ – From Artist to Businessman” »

Why You Should Go To DJ School

Can DJ Courses REALLY Help You?

smush dj+school+how+to Why You Should Go To DJ School

If you ask 50 different DJs whether or not they recommend attending some type of DJ training, you will probably get a split jury. There are tons of digital DJs who will tell you they learned a lot by attending online DJ courses while others will tell you it was an overpriced waste of time. But then, there are vinyl or CD-based DJs who will tell you that digital courses helped them make the leap from old school to new school.

So…who do you listen to?

Like with most major life decisions the choice ultimately is yours. Do you have all the necessary artistic and equipment know-how? Do you already have a foot in the door inside the DJ world? If so you may think that you can bypass DJ school and jump straight into the world of professional DJing, right? Maybe, but I’m going to tell you why you should get proper DJ training. Continue reading “Why You Should Go To DJ School” »

6 DJ Courses To Make You A Better DJ

What DJ Courses Do You Need?

dj courses you need 6 DJ Courses To Make You A Better DJ

As you struggle to get your DJ legs under you and on solid footing you have probably been wondering if a DJ course is the right path for you. You feel pretty comfortable with your skills on your DJ equipment and your stylistic skills are improving every single day, right? So why should you shell out money you may need to hold you over when gigs are few and far between?

Well for starters you will learn how to DJ to the best of your ability rather than the best self-taught DJ. The truth is that while you may feel more than comfortable with the so-called nuts & bolts of the art of DJing, you still have so much to learn. In fact years later I’m still learning more and more about new tricks and skills I can apply to my own DJ career.

A friend of mine who is a female DJ likened learning how to DJ to being a parent; you can learn the basics before the time comes but most of what you need to know is learned on the job.

Continue reading “6 DJ Courses To Make You A Better DJ” »

The Best DJ Advice To Take To Heart

6 Tips To Further Your DJ Career

the best dj advice to take The Best DJ Advice To Take To Heart

If you haven’t learned yet that DJing is hard work, then you will learn it soon enough. Whether it is the late hours, long gigs, unruly clubbers or shifty club owners there is a lot more to being a DJ than simply spinning tracks and set lists. It is your job as a DJ to figure out how to deal with the bad parts without letting the good parts suffer.

The good news is that the world of DJing is a lot more open than it used to be and comes with many more opportunities than DJs before us had. The bad news is that these opportunities may overwhelm you to the point of giving up. But if you stick it out and learn to navigate the right gigs and play nice with the right people you’ll find that the best DJ advice you’ve received is the simplest.

Take this advice and let it help you become the best DJ you can be.

Continue reading “The Best DJ Advice To Take To Heart” »

DJ Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner

Avoid Newbie Mistakes As A DJ

tips for new DJs DJ Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner

When I first started out as a DJ I was—good or bad—willing to listen to any and every person dispensing advice. Unfortunately after about 18 months as a DJ I learned that none of that so-called advice was actually helpful.

Sure it’s great advice to “never give up” and “stand out” but none of that really helps you when doors are getting slammed in your face and you’re getting passed over for gig after gig. I made a ton of mistakes along the way and a few missteps that actually lead to success for which I am eternally grateful. But those pat answers that other DJs, producers and promoters doled out when I sought advice was, to put it mildly, pure crap.

So today I’d like to give you some advice that I think will actually help you make better choices as you try to forge your own path as a professional DJ.

Continue reading “DJ Tips You’ll Wish Someone Had Told You Sooner” »

7 Ways To Improve Your DJ Training In 2014

Improve Your DJ Skills in 2014!

JackU 7 Ways To Improve Your DJ Training In 2014

With the new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time for New Year’s Resolutions both personal and professional. Since working as a DJ is as much about your music as it is about your image and brand, today is the perfect time to take a seat and plan what you want to achieve in 2014.

Don’t worry about meaningless resolutions like eating better and spending more time with your nearest and dearest. I mean, those are great things to aspire to, but let’s be honest if they really mattered to you there would be no need to put it on a list of items to tick off.

To work on your DJ training and career you’ll need to prioritize what’s important and focus on how to achieving each goal one at a time. Continue reading “7 Ways To Improve Your DJ Training In 2014” »

How to Promote Yourself as A DJ Online

Become A DJ Marketing Pro!

promote+yourself+as+DJMad T Party How to Promote Yourself as A DJ Online

One of the hardest things for new DJs to do is learn how to promote themselves. Newbies often operate under the mistaken belief that if they are simply good enough, they will get gigs, recognition and then make it big. If only it were so simple.

The truth is that unless you have a reserve of cash to hire a manager or agent or promoter, you will have to get out there and promote yourself. And therein lies the problem: you are a Facebook and Twitter expert but have no idea how to translate that into marketing yourself as a DJ and music celebrity.

The good news is that I have a few tips to help you get started. The bad news is that you will not get that recognition overnight so…here we go! Continue reading “How to Promote Yourself as A DJ Online” »

What Are Good Names For A DJ Business?

Is Your DJ Business Name Cool Enough?

good+dj+names+fratelli What Are Good Names For A DJ Business?

One of the most important DJ names you must consider—in addition to your actual DJ name—is the name of your business. For those of you who will spend the majority of your career performing at clubs, bars and festivals you may decide that your stage name will double as your business name.

The rest of you looking to produce music and score films or whatever other musical endeavor you’d like to take up…will be asking what are good names for a DJ business? I’m not going to tell you what you should name your business but I am going to help you figure some tips for a memorable yet professional name. Continue reading “What Are Good Names For A DJ Business?” »

DJ Cha-Ching: Highest Earning DJ$ in the World

How Can You Become A Top Earning DJ?

 DJ Cha Ching: Highest Earning DJ$ in the World

When the gigs are slow to come and you start to wonder if all the hard work you’re putting in is worth it, think of those DJs out there who have “made it”. These guys have put in the hard work and, with an entrepreneurial spirit, thrived in an industry where success is elusive. Continue reading “DJ Cha-Ching: Highest Earning DJ$ in the World” »