How To Choose A Good DJ Name – 5 Easy Tips

How To Choose A Good DJ Name To Get You Started

how to choose a good dj name
When the time comes for you to make your public debut as a full-fledged DJ you will need one of the most important tools of the trade: a good DJ name. Choosing the right DJ name isn’t difficult, but unless you’re fortunate enough to have an awesome last name or a quirky nickname, you will need a little creativity.

The tricky part in choosing a good DJ name is that this name will very likely stick with you as make the leap from DJing high school proms to big name big city clubs. This is a name you’ll want people to remember and recognize instantly, so I’ve put together a few easy tips to help you choose a good (or great) DJ name.

Work With What You’ve Got

If most of your creativity goes to mixing and scratching then you might want to choose a good DJ name based on what you’ve already got. If you’ve got a decent first or last name, that is a good place to start. I say ‘start’ because DJ Mike Coggins doesn’t really say “I make kick ass beats”.

A unique or at least quirky name can be a great place to start making a list of potential DJ names. If you have a cool nickname that you like, see how it works for your DJ persona. A plain name like Schiller can turn into a good DJ name if your nickname is Schiller the thriller because you can alter it to ‘Schilla tha Thrilla’.

Starting with your name or nickname gives you a long list of potential DJ names that you can test out on your friends, who will be all too thrilled to tell you how lame they are.

Keep It Clean

Some DJs try to be unique by choosing an R-rated name that everyone is sure to remember, but the problem with names that have profanity in them or overt sexual references is that it may prevent you from having any mainstream success.

Plenty of DJs get their first gigs at weddings, school dances, teenage parties or even bar mitzvahs which means that you need a name that will at least get you an audition. If you want to get experience in front of a crowd, you will need a name that won’t completely scare away the person paying your invoice.

In the long run you want a good DJ name, but also one that can be said on the radio. If your name has to be distorted or bleeped out during an advertisement for a big party you’re DJing, then building a fan base will be next to impossible. Go strange, go crazy and be unique, but try to keep it clean.

how to choose a good dj name

Easy To Understand

Speaking of radio, one of the best tips I ever received about how to choose a good DJ name is that it must be a name that is easy to understand (and spell) over the radio. Since most clubs promote their parties and DJs in radio ads, you’ll want potential fans to be able to understand your name and write it down so they can look you up later.

A name that’s hard to spell or hard to say might just mean that a DJ will a similar (but easier) name might end up getting your fans. You can spell it for uniqueness, but just make sure that even if they type in ‘Deadmow5’ or ‘Paulie Dee’ your website or Facebook page is what they find.

Mix It Up

If you have a day job or you simply want to create a full on DJ persona you can just take 2 or more words and combine them to find a really good DJ name. Being a DJ is all about mixin’ so why not start with your DJ moniker?

Take my name for example, Sean Gallagher I could have easily chosen a name like DJ SeGa or Sega for my DJ name. Now obviously that’s a simple example of how mixing it up can produce a great DJ name, but you can combine words of things you like for a unique name that also has a great story.

This brings me to one of the best ways to choose a good DJ name;

Make It Up

By creating a totally unique DJ name that’s unlike any other DJ out there, you will make sure you stand out in a big sea of DJs. Combining a few words is a great way to find a DJ name you like, but simply choosing some random letters to make your name will ensure that you’ll be remembered.

Randomly chosen DJ names that have no meaning (Afrojack) will always keep your fans guessing but more importantly the name will be seared into their memories permanently!

Think of some of your favorite bands or artists and the ones that stick with you most are usually the ones that are the most unique. Whether you choose something like DJ Contraband or Tiësto just make sure it’s unique and easy to remember.

Bonus Tip: Before you settle on a really good DJ name, check to make sure there’s not another DJ out there performing under the same name. The last thing you want is to seem like an imposter in a world that is all about being unique and original.

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