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This past week I was down in Puerto Vallarta. There is a pretty strong DJing scene here in Mexico. Its inspiring to see soo many beinnger DJs learning how to DJ and moving on to play in some of the SICK nightclubs and parties they have down here.

One aspect of DJing that I never really considered until this weekend was that if you learn how to DJ you instantly have a job to pay the bills anywhere in the world. I don’t care if we’re talking Jordan, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Hong Kong or New Zealand. If there is a city you can bet that they have parties and nightclubs that need new DJs.

How cool is it that you can do something fun like learning how to dj and be guaranteeing yourself work all around the globe. Its like become an accountant or a doctor without the 8 years of lame school! Sure you make less money but we are all aware of the other benefits of DJing that people like accountants wish they had (girls, lifestyle, VIP celebrity DJ treatment etc).

In fact the DJing scene in a lot of other countries is BETTER than in places like North America and even the UK. Why?

For one club here in Mexico for example stay open until the sun comes up. The nightclubs, parties and DJs really get rocking here at 3 am. This is an hour or two after the clubs have shut in Vancouver, Canada where I am for example.

Furthermore, other cultures behave differently in party environments. North Americans and Asians for example are pretty shy when it comes to dancing on an empty dance floor (getting the dancefloor started). Latin people on the flip side stand up and start dancing at their table in a restaurant over dinner. There is no embarassment. Nobody looks. Nobody cares. Dancing (and now DJing) is a part of their culture. So getting a raging dancefloor of nightclubbers is even easier when you’re DJing down here.

Lets not kid ourselves either. DJ lessons and dj training in the USA, Canada, The UK and Australia are super expense. Learning how to DJ is not cheap in these areas. The cost of living is high so the Dj instructors have to charge higher rates just to make a living and pay for the gear. Down here in Mexico you can find Dj lessons for 10% of the price of dj lessons in the USA, UK or Oz.

Yes the music preference may be a little different (eastern europe loves it HARD, Mexico likes a little latin flavour, San Fran loves the DEEP house etc) but the DJ scene and getting dj gigs is really the same. It doesn’t matter where you go to learn how to dj or to rock out in the nightclubs, its the same. The promoter will be hanging out with the DJs, a bunch of hot girls and friends by the bar or up in a quiet corner. The DJs will all be hanging out in the DJ booth. So its really the same as anywhere else. If you befriend the DJs and the nightclub promoters, you’ll get dj gigs.

So its just another reason to learn how to dj. You can literally go anywhere – wherever life takes you – and you can find work. Good paying work that is a blast to do.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Get started learning how to DJ right now before its too late!

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