How To DJ Through Ups And Downs

how to dj

Want to learn to dj? This is a picture from the club last Friday Night (taken on my iPhone) that might inspire you. If this picture doesn’t make you want to learn to DJ than I don’t know what will!

The nightclub was packed and people came ready to hit the dancefloor. This is how to learn to dj! I got paid very well and the dj equipment in the dj booth was awesome and tweaked for perfection. The room was filled with beautiful people and it was definitely a house music friendly crowd! It was a great night to be a DJ! I reflected back on my time when I started to learn to dj and was struggling to learn to mix and I remember that back then I couldn’t imagine DJing at nightclubs like this! All I wanted was to learn to dj online. Now I was the man controlling the party!

Makes you want to learn to dj right? This was two nights later on Sunday (taken on my iPhone):

how to learn to dj

learn to dj online

Still want to learn to DJ? Haha.

Again I got paid very well to be there but this night didn’t go as smoothly. I showed up and there was no gear set up and nobody knew how to set the gear up (despite it being in my contract that the gear needs to be set up). So I had to find the gear in the basement of the club and then I had to set it all up. The club was dead all night. One group of people came in and it was a Japanese family that asked the server to turn the repetitive music down… Not a great night. Doesn’t really make you want to learn to dj does it?

Every once in a while I am reminded that while DJing is my wildest dream come true, the process of learning to dj online still has its ups and downs.

It is a lot easier to learn how to dj like a professional than most people think however along any journey, on the way to any goal, there are going to be times that will test your patience.

Case in point is the contrast between two different clubs that I played in one city… and the challenge of being faced with an empty dance floor when I’m used to play to hundreds of people every night I play. One inspires you to learn to dj… the other makes you never want to think about DJing again!

As you learn to dj you will find similar peaks and valleys as well. Some days things will go your way. You will be able to mix like crazy, you’ll be able to match beats, and you’ll figure out parts of your gear. It will never be easier to learn to dj! Other days you’ll struggle with something little or you will be hit with something like an empty club or a crowd that doesn’t like your style of music.

When you were learning to ride a bike you probably fell a few times. When you learned to play any sport you probably pulled some awkward moves along the way that made people laugh at you. The same when you learn to dj! There are always challenges along the way to any great goal, learning to dj included!

With this in mind I came up with some tips for getting through the challenges we all face when we set out figuring out how to learn to dj. Consider this a bit of DJ advice to help you advance as a dj. DJ Training at its finest:

1) Realize that no matter how bad it is, guys like me have done worse while we learn to dj. You stopped the wrong record playing at a house party in front of 50 people, causing what seemed like endless silence and booing…. Try it in front of 5000 people. I’ve been there… It takes you an hour to figure out how to turn on your mixer. Again I’ve been there but in front of 5000 people. :p Learning to dj is a process of making errors and mistakes… This is the fastest way to learn to dj. Make mistakes!

2) Mistakes and challenges are what make you learn. Each mistake and challenge is an opportunity in disguise because once you make enough mistakes, you won’t make them any more. All of a sudden you’re a solid DJ that doesn’t make mistakes… You have to make mistakes and come across challenges to learn to dj.

3) Some things are out of your control. There is so much going on in a party environment that a lot of stuff can go wrong. Although I believe that we can control pretty much everything around us, if a drunk girl tries to come up and flirt with you but falls and takes out one of the turntables, there isn’t much you can do (again…I’ve been there! ). When you decide you want to learn to dj these are some of the fun dj lessons you’ll have to learn. Again this is the fastest way to learn to dj!

4) The more challenges you blow through, the better and more confident DJ you become. You show up to a club and there is only one turntable. You find a way to mix despite the lack of gear. Next time you walk into a party or a club, you will feel awesome and confident that you’ll be able to rock it! A lot of DJs ask me how to gain more confidence…. the answer is to play as much as possible because the more you play, the more challenges you will face and the more confident you will become as you handle these challenges. The best DJs know how to learn to dj because they have gone through a ton of challenges!

5) With DJing the challenges can be tough but the reward is well worth it. To live like a rockstar DJ is worth the few challenges we face. On a challenges faced to reward ratio I’d say that it is the best job in the world because I know guys that have way tougher challenges with their jobs and life that don’t have as much fun or get paid as well as I do.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re playing: techno, trance, house music, or hip hop, if you can learn to take these challenges head on the you will become a much better DJ because of it. Start to learn to dj and never look back no matter what road blocks and down periods you hit!

I hope this helps you learn to dj!

how to dj

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