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Here Are The Exact Steps You Need To Learn How To Become A DJ.

Learning How To DJ Quick And Easy

You obviously want to know how to DJ or else you wouldn’t be here. It can be an extremely easy, quick and fun process. Or learning how to mix can be a terribly frustrating and boring process. And the not so great news is that its really up to you.

If you want to discover the easiest way to start DJing you’ve come to the right page. I’m going to break down the key steps you’ll need to take as a man, no matter what kind of a men’s group you’re looking for.  There are lots of men’s groups out there for Doing. I’ll also highlight some key points that hold people back from figuring out DJing so you can avoid the same fate of failure and frustration!

How To Become A Dj Tip #1

The first difference between someone that gets DJing quickly with easy and someone that struggles to learn how to dj mix for a year or more, is the concept of teaching yourself. Teaching yourself Djing is the quickest way to get frustrated and give up.

It has been scientifically proven that the fastest way to learn anything new is to model after or learn from someone that has already done it. In this case you want to learn from someone that has figured out learning to DJ quickly and easily themselves.

98% of new DJs struggle when learning to DJ and take years to dj mix simply because they turn down opportunities to learn from other successful DJs. They’d rather slog away in their bedrooms messing up mixes instead of paying a professional DJ tutor a few bucks for a half-hour dj lessons where they will learn how to dj very quickly.

Whats even worse is that every day new DJs all over the world log onto messages forums to ask about DJ Training products. And the old keyboard-jockey DJs tell them “if you want to learn how to dj, teach yourself like I did. Don’t waste your money on those instructional DJ videos, DVDs or in person dj classes.” This is such flawed advice for a number of reasons.

  1. Teaching yourself can take up to a year or more to learn how to dj mix.
  2. These DJs in the message forums never played any big shows or made it anywhere as a DJ.
  3. If you have a chance to spend $50 or $100 and save 6 months of struggle, so you can be rocking out to huge dance floors, why wouldn’t you?

So the first key is that if you want to learn how to dj quickly and easily, and avoid struggling for years, you need to get mentoring from a pro DJ that has already been there. Someone that has already taught people like you how to mix.

Djing Tip #2

The second advice I have to share that will teach you how to DJ even quicker is to start out buying cheap dj equipment.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new DJs that want to learn how to DJ do is they blow all of their money on a top of the line mixer.

NEWSFLASH: You don’t need a top shelf Allen & Heath or Pioneer DJM-800 mixer when you’re starting out. You won’t use 90% of the features as you learn how to dj and your money goes to waste.

Instead pick up some cheap, used DJ gear that is in good condition. This will allow you to learn how to DJ faster because you will be focusing on crucial DJing skills like beat matching and scratching instead of getting distracted by things like effects. This will allow you to learn how to DJ a lot faster!

Even more important is that you will also have a bunch of money left over to spend on things that are more important. Buying music and getting yourself DJ Training.

Your music collection defines you as a DJ. Having expensive DJ gear won’t build a following or get you any gigs. But your music collection will!

Same for DJ training. If you invest that money in a series of online DJ lessons or some training videos that show you how to dj quickly, you’ll learn to mix so much quicker and will be having a lot more fun as a result. Not to mention all of the gigs you’ll be getting once you know how to dj.

Investing in DJ training is what sepeartes the successful DJs from the DJs that never leave the bedroom. And spend your money on your music and investing in DJ training so you’ll know how to dj faster and have more fun along the way!

Tip #3 On How To DJ

When I started out learning DJing I didn’t have any extra cash. As a result it took me a long time to figure it out.

If I had paid someone to give me some DJ lessons I could have advanced as a DJ a lot quicker and learned how to be a DJ within a few weeks. But I just couldn’t afford the expensive DJ lessons…

So how do you learn how to be a DJ without spending $1000+ on DJ lessons? Easy! The 3rd tip is to sign up for our free video DJ tutorial newsletter by typing in your email adress below.

This series of free video DJ lessons on how to be a DJ won’t be free for long. I’m going to have to start charging for these videos soon. They’re really high quality! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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