How To Drop In The Mix

Step By Step Advice On How To Drop A Track Into Your DJ Mix

Believe it or not, dropping a track into a mix isn’t just for sh*tty stipclub DJs with no skills. You can drop tracks into your DJ mix and have a great effect on the energy of your mix. My friend Jonathan shows easy dropping a track into your DJ mix can be and how good it can sound!

This is the classic mixing technique that DJ who don’t really know what they’re doing use to mix songs. They’ll wait for a good time, grit they’re teeth, look away in despair and they’ll drop the new song in and kill the old one. Most DJs make this sound terrible because the tracks don’t sound good beside each other and they aren’t beatmatched properly.

That being said, dropping in a track can be used with every genre of DJing. Hip Hop DJs use it to mix quickly in between tracks or to drop in a really popular song out of nowhere to make everyone scream on the dance floor. Top 40 DJs drop in tracks because they can’t possible mix Britney Spears together with ACDC and make it sound good so they cut one song off and bring in the other really quickly. And house DJs use drops to pick up the energy of a mix by quickly switching to a song with a stronger baseline or better percussion.

Jonathan shows you the easiest way to drop a track into the mix. I used to use this technique all the time when I was DJing in clubs. I would play a song that had lower energy that would be more chuggy (less vocal and melody) to bring down the energy a little. Then I’d slam in whatever song I felt would make people scream. Usually it would have a vocal that everyone know or a REALLY heavy bassline.

The best way to learn how to DJ with drops in your mix is to just go ahead and start practicing. You can’t really go wrong. Try it with the bass up on the song you’re going to drop in. Try it with the bass down. Try it will different types of songs. Learning how to DJ is all Dj Training -which Jon is doing in this video – and experimentation!

Do you know of a better way to drop in a track? Think you can do it better? What did you think about this dj mixing video? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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