Sick Digital Scratching Tricks

DOD Shows You How To Scratch On Pioneer CDJs

Its long been thought that scratching on a digital setup isn’t as good as scratching vinyl. Sure James Zabellia rocks with scratching but what other electronic DJs scratch on a regular basis – aside from the odd wack buildup you’ll hear at a local DJ night in your hometown.

And while Vinyl scratch DJing will always have its place in the DJ industry, believe it or not diehard vinyl DJs, you can achieve the traditional scratching sound on a modern digital setup too.

This is by far one of the best digital scratching tutorials I’ve seen online.

Scratching isn’t easy especially with so many features on todays Pioneer CDJs and mixers. I’ve been DJing for close to 10 years now and I still learned a ton about scratching from this DJ training tutorial.

Seriously, if you start dropping dj tricks like this scratching in your mix at the right times you will stand out as a DJ huge. Theses types of DJ tricks could score you a Dj gig over another new DJ.

I recommend following D.O.D’s advice for learning how to create a traditional scratching sound without the classic dj equipment.

D.O.D. is using CDs of DJ scratch sounds, a Pioneer DJM 900 and Pioneer CDJ 2000s.

This dj training video is one of a series of many dj tutorials that D.O.D has put together for Mixmag. I’ll be posting more of them here soon!

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