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Learn To DJ

If you want to learn to dj you came to the right spot! HowToDjFast.com is the leader in helping new djs learn to dj by sharing helpful articles and videos.

If you want to learn to dj there are a few steps you need to be aware of before you get started. Most people that want to learn how to dj miss one of these stpes or do them in the wrong order, and this ultimately leads to their failure as a DJ. Failure as a DJ? I mean never learning how to dj – as in beatmatch or mix lke a pro dj and never being able to play a gig.

The sad fact is that 98% of new DJs will never learn how to dj mix properly or play a gig. They have dreams of becoming a successful dj, someone that is the center of the party with all the girls, banging their music to a high dancefloor full of screaming people.

The reality is that most new DJs only end up playing for their mom and dad or their roomates because they never leave their bedroom as a dJ. They can’t get a gig because they never learned to dj properly from the beginning. Just like so many things in life, the if you learn the fundamentals when you start to learn to dj you’ll do well. If not you’ll have a tough time.

Want to learn to DJ?

If you do then these are the steps you’ll need to take:

1. Decide what type of music you want learn to dj with.
2. Go out and buy the appropriate dj gear for learning to dj.
3. Find proper dj training. Dj lessons are great. Online dj lesson videos that help you learn to dj are even better.
4. You’ll practice mixing and dj scratching as you learn to dj.
5. Record your demo cd.
6. Go to the clubs, parties, raves, festivals, bars, weddings or any other event that you want to dj at and start handing out your demo cd. Make sure you give your cd to the promoters.

It looks easy enough doesn’t it? It can be if you start out properly. The step that most new djs miss when they learn to dj is they don’t invest in DJ training. They try to teach themselves to learn to dj and this is their fundamental flaw.

Teaching yourself with you learn to dj is like teaching yourself to cook. You can do it without someone showing you how, but it will not turn out right and it will take years of experimenting to learn what you could learn in just a few days with a course.

Learning to dj is no different. You can learn to dj like a pro withing a few weeks but only with proper dj training. And without a dj course, learning how to dj will take much longer and will be a lot more frustrating!

Believe me, I know! I tried to learn to dj by teaching myself and it took me over a year to learn to dj properly. It took me almost 2 years to get a gig. So I can tell you first hand that

So if you want to learn how to dj you need to do it properly with an online dj course or in person dj lessons. Learn to dj with the help of a pro dj showing the way and learning to dj can be fun and easy!

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