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Tips To Improve Your DJ Earnings!


As great as it is to be a DJ, and it is awesome, for many DJs it isn’t always a full-time job. Many DJs contact me saying they have a few regular gigs and they don’t want to give up and get a ‘day job,’ so they want to know what they can do to supplement their income. I tell them they need to start learning DJ tips to make themselves more marketable.

These aren’t hard and fast rules, but after conferring with a few of my DJ friends, I’ve come up with a list of things you can do that can help you make enough bank to pay the bills, buy more tracks and upgrade DJ software. Keep reading to learn more!

Teach Budding DJs

I know you’re probably already hearing that old adage ringing in your head, those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. But I say forget that. In the world of the digital DJ the saying should be those who can, do; those who need extra cash, teach!

There is nothing wrong with using your skills as a DJ to help others learn the art of DJing. Set up a website and offer online DJ classes or head to your local community center and reserve a room and teach the craft up close and personal to wannabe DJs. In fact learning DJ tips like this to make more money can really help you boost your own name recognition in the DJ world. Especially if you have a niche.

First, your students will want to see you in action and will likely bring a group of friends to hear you DJ. Second if you teach something specific like stagecraft, mixing, looping or creating the perfect playlist, you will find other DJs like yourself signing up to improve certain areas of their own skill set.


Believe me, I’m fully aware that many DJs aspire to be the main draw at high end nightclubs and other exclusive venues. But that being said it doesn’t do you or your career as a DJ any good to limit yourself to a specific venue. If most of your gigs now are weddings or bars or nightclubs, then branch out a little. While these are always a great place to secure ongoing DJ work, there are other avenues to learn to make more money.

If you often balk at the idea of becoming a wedding DJ, stop it right now and consider how often people get married every year. But also think ahead to events that are becoming more mainstream like Divorce Parties, and how you can cash in by DJing wedding and divorce parties. It’s cynical, but there’s a 50% chance for additional gigs!

But there are also other gigs you can seek out like private parties that offer even more ways to get more DJ gigs and meet more people to hire you to DJ their parties and events. Learning to DJ at different types of venues will make you a much better DJ in preparation for those big stadium gigs—hey we all have dreams!—and keep a steady flow of paying gigs coming in.


If you have a website, and you should definitely have a website, then use that annoying ad space to help promote bars and clubs where you DJ frequently. Of course you should talk to the owner or marketing director first, but if you have ongoing gigs at these places do a little helpful advertising for them (and yourself). When you pack the club or bar each night, the owner is satisfied and likely to continue—or expand—your DJ time.

You can also look to promote some of your own mixes using the club or bar name where it debuted. Whether it’s CDs or downloads, add in the name of the bar or club like; DJ Sean Gallagher’s Mardi Gras Mix @ Club Max. Sure it’s a mouthful, but you get the gist, right? This kind of cross-promotion is mutually beneficial, which means the venue owners are more likely to agree.


And He VJs Too!

We’ve talked a little bit about VJing in the past and it is quickly becoming something event planners request. This is particularly true at professional events that take place in hotel ballrooms which have little decorations.

Taking up VJing doesn’t require a huge investment either, you just need a large library of visual images—still or videos—and make them blend with your playlists for the evening. Learning DJ and VJ skills means you won’t have to split your fee with another artist because you’re doing double duty. And in these less than prosperous economic times, a DJ who can do both is preferable to hiring two!

Red Carpet Treatment

A great way to make a little more money as a DJ is to do like the celebs do and “wear someone”. Instead of people asking you though ‘who you’re wearing,’ you will be a walking advert for a new clothing designer or store. It might not be a lot of extra money but it will save you a ton of dough on the right clothes for your gigs.

Depending on how popular you are or where you DJ in your town, this might be a long shot. But you’ll never know if you don’t try…right?

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