Let The DJ Haters Hate

I just saw this really funny video that someone made of Tiesto trainwrecking. Its funny because its fake. First Tiesto would never play “Scatman”. Second DJ Tiesto has been DJing for almost 30 years now. Do you really think he would trainwreck that badly?

For those of you that may not know, a trainwreck is a DJ playing two songs live at the same time with them going out of beat. The beats are not aligned and as a result the sounds of the two songs clash. See 1:24 of this video for an example of a DJ trainwreck!

Now while this video is funny it brings up an issue that a lot of new DJs will face. Whoever dubbed the fake mixing over top of the video is hating on Tiesto. A lot of people actually believe that its Tiesto mixing. The video creator is trying to be funny but he’s also hating on Tiesto.

The issue of DJ hating was touched on by DJ Steve Angello just a few weeks ago when he said “let the haters hate”.

While DJ Steve Angello should be a little more humble after he got busted playing a pre-recorded mix at Dance Valley, what he says makes a lot of sense. Let the haters hate.

One thing you’re going to face when you’re getting started with DJing is the haters. People will criticize and even make fun of your DJing at times and its just a part of starting out as a DJ.

It might be your brother that likes country music and you’re DJing hard house. Maybe its your parents. It could be some people at school that aren’t into the style of music you want to DJ. It could be some drunk loser in a nightclub that comes into the dj booth because his girlfriend wants to hear Ace Of Base or Mc Hammer and tries to fight you when you say no.

My brother used to make fun of the trance music I played when I started out DJing. My parents begged me to stop wasting my time with DJing. Some of the “cool” group in my highschool liked hip hop and made fun of the “lame” music I was DJing.

Now my brother is my biggest fan. He dosen’t love the music I play but he shows support because he sees me as a successful DJ. My parents are proud and tell their friends all about my wonderful DJ life. Those cool kids from highschool are now bumping into me in the clubs at my shows begging me for guest list. They all come around in the end and if they don’t, then they weren’t important anyway. Let the haters hate.

Now there is one VERY important distinction to make here. People that are close to you that give you constructive criticism or feedback are not haters. They are trying to help you. They want to make your better. The best way to help someone is to help them improve by critiquing them.

So if someone walks up to you in the DJ booth and says “hey guy, I’m an expreienced DJ and I just wanted to give you a friendly tip. Its early right now. Maybe you should play your tracks a little slower. Pitch them down and build them up later when the club is busier.” Even someone saying “I don’t like this song” can be constructive criticism if lots of people in the room your playing to agree.

Listen to these people. Give them your attention. Let your ego down. Listen to what they suggest. Process it yourself and decide if you will follow their advice or not on your own. But don’t shut them out. Don’t treat them like their haters.

So you just have to ask yourself when someone is giving you feedback, are they trying to help me or are they just trying to project their own issues onto me?

Like my parents. They meant well in telling me that I was wasting my time as a DJ. They want to see me succeed in they life and they didn’t understand DJing. As a result they were scared of me DJing and they needed to express this to me. They were speaking from their own issues and not sharing constructive feedback that would help me as a person or as a DJ.

If someone suggests that the style of music you’re playing may not fit the venus you want to play at, thats a comment that you want to listen to.

So take constructive feedback but let the haters hate. Once you have identified a hater just ignore them. They don’t matter.

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