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How to use every set as a job interview.

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The world of DJing is a competitive field and that sometimes means that you have to put on a better show. Sure you’ve got the hottest tracks and even a few underground hits to keep the crowd dancing, but what makes you stand apart from thousands of other DJs out there?

If you’ve already made a name for yourself in the DJ world then you probably have a few ongoing DJ gigs. But if you’re just starting out you will need to ‘bring it’ on occasion to make sure those who do the hiring find your sets unforgettable. Learning how to make the most of your sets will make sure your name is at the top of every DJ list.


One way you can enhance every set is to add visuals to your musical performances. Many newer DJs are making the transition to video DJing but if you’re not quite ready to make that leap then you should at least consider providing visual stimulation during your sets.

Whether you use videos, photos, snapshots or other visual images during your sets, the point is to give them something new. You can find apps online or find a graphic artist to help you put together a visual set to accompany your playlist. This will make your sets even more memorable.

DJ Duos

Some DJs partner with other DJs to create dynamic sets that include an eclectic mix of music genres. Next time you’re competing for a DJ gig consider promoting yourself as a DJ duo. A team of DJs can give the club a sense of exclusivity and increase their stature among club goers.

Just make sure that both you and your partner have worked together in the past and that your work compliments one another. You don’t want to be competing to be heard in a tiny DJ booth.

Perfect your set and improve your chances of landing that gig.

Step Up To The Mic

Plenty of new DJs ignore the microphone altogether and that is even if they have one as part of their DJ setup. You never can tell what will get the crowd pumping right away but sometimes all the party goers need is a push to the dance floor. That’s where you and your microphone can come in handy.

Grab the mic and send shout outs, introduce songs with flair and flat out encourage them to get their butts on the dance floor! Showing your personality throughout the night is a great way to endear you to not only the party goers but also those who will hire you for future events. Make sure the crowd is having a good time—by any means necessary—and the venue owner will be pleased.
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Make Time For Requests

I know, I know; all DJs seem to loathe accepting requests from the audience. But the truth is that if you embrace the idea that you don’t always know every song the crowd wants to hear, your night can go much smoother.

Set aside an hour or so to play requests (use the mic to announce it) so that you’re not bombarded with them all night. Besides taking requests will allow you to take it easy during that hour. Just create the request playlist as they come in and when the time comes sit back and relax while the crowd goes wild.

Sometimes the requests are absurd or outdated, but no one likes a DJ who ignores one harmless little request.


Unless you’re one of those too cool for school DJs who doesn’t do anything to keep the crowd involved, you know that sometimes you need a schtick. I was recently at a club where the house DJ chose to play music by the decade. It wasn’t oldies but it did get the crowd roaring on the dance floor.

Just because the decades have passed doesn’t take away from how good certain songs were in their day. As the evening progressed the crowd reached a fever pitch of excitement and there were almost no requests for the entire night.

Consider different themes to help you stand out amongst a sea of DJs willing to do anything to land a gig.


While some DJs find using different effects cheesy, plenty of club goers find them amazingly fun. You don’t have to make them an integral part of your sets but you should consider adding a few to improve the set. Use them as transitions or during breaks, but do your best to stand out.

Think of how many gigs you’ll get when people start asking about “the guy with the strange effects,” or the “DJ who does the themes”. Putting on a good show and having the crowd requesting you is a surefire way to make sure you keep getting gigs well into the future. 
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