Numark 4Trak DJ Controller Review

A DJ's Review Of The Awesome Numark 4Trak

One of the most difficult decisions when purchasing you’re first set-up is what type of platform do you want to buy? Are you a vintage vinyl, a common CDJ or a modern digital controller? Now you can have the best of all worlds at a reasonable price and straightforward controls. The newly released Numark 4Trak DJ Controller is primarily designed to control Native Instruments Traktor DJ software and has expanded on the technology found in the ‘NS’ range of controllers, which I will look further into. But undoubtedly the main feature is the ability to control four ‘decks’ as well as simple and precise control of FX. It also has a built-in audio interface with balanced outputs, which is all wrapped in a robust “gig proof” design. So the Numark 4Trak is ready when you are to step up, offering you professional DJ quality with the simplicity of Traktor software.

The Numark 4Trak DJ Controller incorporates the standard two-platter design with the mixer between. Impressively it features separate channel faders and EQ for all four channels, which sets it apart from the majority of its competitors. Now here is where it really comes into its element! The 4Trak functions as a proper mixer for eternal audio devices, all four channels have an RCA input which allows up to four line level sources to be connected e.g. CD players, laptops etc. Two can be switched to microphone inputs while the other two can be changed to phono inputs. This means the Numark 4Trak can potentially be the hub of a DJ setup including a laptop using Traktor, CDJ’s and turntables all being able to mix together perfectly. Thanks to the FX Kommand Console you have an incredible amount of manipulation over the filters and effects, which you can assign via Traktor giving you two decks of control over the effects. Each of which has three parameter controls, time division and filter controls for all four channels.

To give you fast cueing the 4Trak has the same ribbon strips found on the Numark’s NS7 controller. This quickly scans the track and the ‘needle dropped’ via a touch strip above each respective platter and to make that much easier LED indicators on the strip allow you to precisely indicate track position. The platters themselves are extremely accurate with 3600 ticks of resolution giving natural control. A much sought after feature among digital DJ’s is the negated need for a mouse when using software such as Traktor, that’s why you can now control all the functions through the controls on the unit. And a crucial yet underrated feature is the intuitive and synchronised relationship between screen and controls making mixing that much more straightforward.

In my opinion this is an ideal controller for beginner and intermediate DJ’s. Its cheap, versatile, and more than up to the task of a gig or club. It also comes with Traktor 2 4Trak edition software so you can get started straight away. Watch the video and see what you think.

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