Numark Mixdeck Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark Mixdeck DJ Software

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Numark Mixdeck DJ Software

Numark Mixdeck reviews

As a budding DJ you probably get your music from a wide variety of sources, which can make it difficult to import them all into one system. Numark has, once again, created a universal DJ system that meets your needs. Not every DJ has the same needs for the DJ that picks up music wherever he or she goes, there is the Numark Mixdeck universal DJ system.

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If you want, no need the freedom that comes with blending your multiple sources of music then you just might be the target customer for Numark Mixdeck DJ controller. Before you buy this universal DJ system keep reading for a full review of Numark Mixdeck DJ controller.

Numark Mixdeck System

You won’t have a big learning curve with the Numark Mixdeck universal DJ controller because it comes with your standard two decks plus mixer layout that most DJs are familiar with, but with a whole lot more than you’re used to from a DJ controller.

You’ll love the universal dock that comes as part of the Numark Mixdeck setup, which allows you to play songs or even record your set from your portable music device. The Mixdeck has a dedicated iPod fader and controls so that you can dock the iPod and not have to touch it again during your set.

Numark Mixdeck universal DJ system has built-in mixer with channels that control the audio from several different sources. You can even customize the performance of your Numark Mixdeck with switchable line inputs to the external source and a replaceable crossfader with a switchable slope and reverse. Whatever your needs are, the Numark Mixdeck DJ controller can help you meet them.

If you love to create your own music, and what DJ doesn’t, you’ll love the real-time remixing that the Numark Mixdeck allows. With a wide variety of re-mixing tools you can create track as you go by using sampling, seamless looping and even handy hot cues so it’s easy to make your own tracks.

Why You’ll Love Numark Mixdeck

One of the things I liked most and felt necessary to add into the Numark Mixdeck review is that the two decks double as software controllers so all you have to do is hook it up to your PC or Mac and you can control all of your music from your computer. With just one USB cable you can connect the Numark Mixdeck right to your computer. What’s more is that the MIDI communication allows you to map pretty much any DJ software straight to your computer.

Numark Mixdeck universal DJ system

You’ll love the platters that come with the Numark Mixdeck because they are touch sensitive so you can get extreme accuracy of your set. The outside rings of the platter light up so you know how your deck is performing and in what mode it’s performing.

When your DJing your friend’s party and the lighting is less than ideal the Numark Mixdeck DJ controller has two backlit displays that lets you keep an eye on each deck. You can still see all the tools and effects you need to complete a killer set. You want to always keep an eye on your tracks for timing and upcoming tracks and these lit displays allow you to do just that.

Why You Might Not

The biggest drawback so far is that you might find it difficult to control the pitch via your portable music device. If you’re a DJ who works from an iPod you might have to search for apps or other options for greater pitch control.

Experienced DJs might find that the Numark Mixdeck universal DJ controller does not meet all of their needs because it has limited effects. However, a simple upgrade could resolve this issue.

Cost vs. Benefits

The price of the Numark Mixdeck is quite nice, at around $600. Considering that the unit is a sturdy plastic that is light and easy to carry around, the price is more than reasonable. If you’re still learning how to DJ and want to combine different music files in your set, then you’ll find this DJ controller more than acceptable.

Numark Mixdeck review

Even if you already have a similar system, you’ll find this inexpensive option ideal for transporting from one place to the next. It’s light and easy to set up, so you can travel from party to party with your set on your iPod.

Is Numark Mixdeck Worth Trying?

The simple answer is yes the Numark Mixdeck universal DJ controller is worth a try. The cost is reasonable and the unit is portable and sturdy, making it great for the mobile DJ. The Numark Mixdeck DJ software is easy to install, easy to use and update when you need to.

The ability to remix and play sets straight from a portable music device means that even the newest DJ can easily start spinning quickly after set up. Because of that and so much more, I give the Numark Mixdeck a positive review.

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