Numark Mixtrack Pro Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark Mixtrack Pro

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Numark Mixtrack Pro

Numark Mixtrack Pro reviews

It was only a matter of time before Numark improved on their Mixtrack DJ controller and they’ve updated as the Numark Mixtrack Pro. For those of you who were snubbing your nose at the Numark Mixtrack for a few limited options, you can now take the time to give Numark props for listening to the people.

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Are the new additions to the Numark Mixtrack Pro worth taking a look? Keep reading to find out what’s better and what’s the same in this Numark Mixtrack Pro review.

What’s New On The Numark Mixtrack Pro?

The newest feature to the Numark Mixtrack Pro is the addition of a 2 channel sound interface so that you no longer have to get a sound card just to hear the next song. With sound and headphone outputs you don’t need additional equipment to get you started. But that’s not the only change that has been made to make this DJ controller more appealing to a wide range of DJs.

Another noticeable difference is the look of the Numark Mixtrack Pro is the appearance of the unit. For a sleeker, more professional look Numark replaced black rubber knobs and faders with silver ones that stand out in a dark room.

Many users of the Numark Mixtrack will be satisfied that Numark decided to scrap the idea of bundling Traktor LE software with the Mixtrack Pro. This had made the Mixtrack Pro slightly easier to use, although most found it fairly easy anyway. You will now get Virtual DJ LE software, which is easily to learn and navigate.

What’s The Same?

What hasn’t changed is the easy layout of the Numark Mixtrack. You will notice that even though the color and texture of the knobs and faders has changed, the layout is virtually indistinguishable between these two controllers.

You still get 2 turntables as well as a mixer so you can mix, loop, cue and scratch from your computer. The Numark Mixtrack Pro is still portable, easy to use and has plenty of inputs and outputs for your microphone, headphones and speakers. Even though this unit is slightly heaver than the original Numark Mixtrack controller, you won’t find trouble getting your unit from one party to the next.

How Much?

Of course with a few additional features the Numark Mixtrack Pro price is higher than the original controller and mixer unit. For about $100 more than the original Mixtrack you get the Mixtrack Pro. If you’ve already tried the Numark Mixtrack however, you’ll see the benefit because you no longer have to get your own sound card. Since you probably already have a microphone, speakers and headphones, you’ll probably see this updated unit as an easier way to DJ.

For just $250 you can get this updated all in one Numark Mixtrack Pro to meet your DJing needs.

Why You’ll Like it?

Perhaps the main reason you’ll be impressed with the Numark Mixtrack Pro, as I was, is because you no longer need the sound card just to be a proper DJ. Contrary to the name however, the Numark Mixtrack Pro is not a professional kit but it does have just about everything a young DJ needs to get started.

Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller software

I think another great feature of the Numark Mixtrack Pro is that the audio mixer is so simple to use and get started with that you’ll be ready to DJ your first party in no time. And if you are just getting started the Mixtrack Pro teaches you what you need to know so that your skills transfer to whatever controller and mixer you graduate to.

You can really be a party starter with the Numark Mixtrack Pro because this baby has amazing sound quality. Connect it to your laptop or sound system to record or preview the next song. You can even get the party going with the microphone over the music because the Numark Mixtrack Pro has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need perfect your craft.

Whether DJing is just your hobby, a way to meet people or a potential career, the Mixtrack Pro is a good way to begin and learn the ropes.

Is It Worth It?

The two major issues I had with the original Numark Mixtrack—Traktor software and no sound card—have been fixed with this updated unit. It’s rare that a manufacturer listens to complaints and puts out a new system minus the kinks and Numark deserves props for that.

Even though the price has gone up a bit, the Mixtrack Pro is still offers the most options compared to other DJ controllers in the same price range. If you know what you need in a mixer and controller then you should find that the Numark Mixtrack Pro meets those needs and probably a few more you didn’t know you had.

I think this is a great machine for beginner and intermediate level DJs. The ease of use and cheap price means this is the perfect kit to teach you the basics of DJing before moving up to a larger unit with more complicated knobs, buttons and software.

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