Numark NS6 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

Numark NS6 Reviews Numark NS6 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

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Finding an all in one DJ controller and mixer is no easy task. So many of these controllers come with so many bells and whistles that it can be difficult to determine which product meets your DJ needs. Of course so many of us simply want the newest DJ equipment the moment it hits the market.

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With the release of the Numark NS6 DJs everywhere are re-evaluating their needs to see if this new controller is for them. Before you decide, read my Numark NS6 review to see what’s good, what’s bad and what’s too good to pass up with the Numark NS6.

What Numark NS6 Offers

The Numark NS6 release provides DJs with an all in one Searato Itch-based digital controller. The built-in effects found in this mixer means you don’t have to go back and buy even instant payday loans more equipment later. This new DJ mixer can be used with or without a computer so you can travel lighter when and if you need to.

You get a stand alone 4 channel mixer, four decks of software and high resolution touch-activated platters. With this kind of high tech DJ control, you can really impress your friends with your skills thanks to the Numark NS6. What else do you get when you buy Numark NS6? Well you get 4 input lines, 2 microphones and 2 turntables for a complete DJ experience.

Numark NS6 Hardware

Obviously the highlight of this DJ controller and mixer. It’s what everyone wants to know about and it’s what makes you look like a real DJ. The analog mixer that’s part of the NS6 payday allows you to plug in photo and line levels into the middle channels while plugging the microphone sources into the outside channels without ITCH or your laptop.

The 4-channel digital mixer is compact but not so small that online payday loans you’re unable to maneuver between all of the channels. You’ll love the stiff rubber knobs that allow for an easy grip on the Numark NS6 because they provide a smooth transition but they don’t move easily when simply brushed against. The cue buttons are very bright and easy to spot when you’re busy setting up tracks. You how ro get c4 in payday 2 can cue up one at a time and listen to them through the master control. But where Numark really thought of everything is the split cue option, which is essential with 4 channels.

Numark NS6 Review Numark NS6 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

The Numark NS6 has optimized the fader section to make sure you have all the essentials within this portable unit. The fader on this controller uses 60mm faders however they payday only have a visible 45mm payday advance throw, which is found on the great majority of digital payday 2 wiki mixers anyway.

There’s so much to say about the stellar hardware in a Numark NS6 review that we might be here all day. Needless to say the sleek look of this DJ controller is appealing as is the layout of the unit. There are plenty of shiny buttons and easy to touch knobs that you’ll find it much easier to mix it up.

What’s Good About ez internet payday system login Numark payday 2 dodge build NS6

The first thing that stands out when doing a Numark NS6 review is the mostly metal build of the unit. It looks and is sturdy unlike a lot of other DJ controllers on the market that have that plastic toy feel. The NS6 has a metal chassis along with a brushed top plate so it looks sleek and shiny. With a one-piece payday 2 wiki faceplate the NS6 looks like a single unit.

The analog option on the Numark NS6 means you can still keep the party going if your laptop crashes. No dead silence while the crowd stares at you like you called the cops and broke up the party. This option means you can relax while you spin.

The ITCH software allows for superb organization of your music library. You can use crates and subcrates so you always have playlists ready, especially those that are guaranteed to impress a crowd. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you can set up parameters and based on those parameters the software will automatically fill crates.

What’s Bad

Can’t use ITCH effects through analog sources, which isn’t necessarily a big deal unless you rely heavily on effects and the power goes out. This probably isn’t a deal breaker for most DJs and with all the benefits provided by the Numark NS6, this is small potatoes.

Numark NS6 price Numark NS6 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

If you generally work with a mixer that has a 60mm throw then you may have to make sure the 45mm throw is compatible with your DJ style. This isn’t necessarily a big deal for most DJs but since the list of mixers that use 60mm throw faders is pretty extensive, it is something that all Numark NS6 reviews should make mention of. The difference isn’t so significant that it’ll change anything, but payday 2 cheats you should consider this in case compatibility is an issue.

Some may take issue with the fact that the NS6 isn’t incredibly portable, as in you can’t just pop it in a bag and set off to a party. However it is slightly more compact than the NS7 and given all that you get with this DJ controller and mixer, travelling a little heavier is a small price to pay.

How Much Is the Numark NS6?

If you want to buy Numark NS6 controller and mixer then you’ll have to pay around $800 depending on where you shop. This may turn away some but when you factor in what the unit does and just how easy it is to use, it is a small price to pay for that kind of usability.

Is The Numark NS6 Worth The Cost?

Of course you’ve read this entire Numark NS6 review because you want to know if this DJ thinks the unit is worth the cost. Honestly I would have to say yes. If you have yet to hop on the 4 channel train then this is definitely a unit that you should consider.

The unit itself is beautiful and sturdy while the options are unlimited. The few issues are more a matter of preference than actual flaws with the NS6. Any of those preference issues are likely to be fixed with updates and revisions to the software and/or firmware. The NS6 has impressive sound quality thanks to the built in limiter and having the option to work in analog or digital, it pretty much does it all.

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You get a lot for your money with the Numark NS6, especially compared to other controller and mixers in the same price range.

 Numark NS6 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS6 Controller

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