Numark NS7 – The Numark NS7 Review + The Numark NS7 FX

Even after seeing all of the great reviews for the Numark NS7 I was still skeptical. I first saw the Numark NS7 in a DJ equipment store and my first thought was that the Numark NS7 DJ controller (the turntables and mixer) look big and toy-like. It looked more like a DJ Hero game more than a professional digital DJ controller.

But when I sat down and got to demo the Numark NS7 I was shocked! So shocked that I felt compelled to write this Numark NS7 review. If you’re thinking about buying a Numark NS7 this review is for you!

The Numark NS7 Is A Digital Dj Controller

The first thing I want to point out in this Numark NS7 review is that the turntables and mixer are a digital DJ controller. This means that you can’t use the Numark NS7 without pairing it with a laptop. This becomes clear as soon as you buy the Numark NS7 and take it out of the beautiful box. Immediately you’ll notice the convenient laptop stand to place on the back of the turntables along with a wide range of inputs that you won’t find on conventional mixers.

This is the beauty of the Numark NS7. It provides a simple yet effective link between the feel of a vinyl turntable and the utility of a digital DJ system. With the Numark NS7 you get that beautiful, yummy feeling of vinyl on your fingertips, giving you more physical control over your mixes while keeping the convenience of a digital laptop setup.

How Do I Use The Numark NS7 With My Laptop?

The next question I had was “how do I use the Numark NS7 with my laptop?” and the answer is simple. The Numark NS7 comes with an awesome piece of mixing software called Serato Itch. The Numark NS7 controller links to the software via a USB cable. Dead simple. Plug the NS7 turntables into your laptop with a USB, the Serato Itch software pops up, you then select your song and start mixing.

The Serato Itch software itself is robust and easy to use for both new DJs learning to DJ and advanced DJs looking to throw down some technical mixes. It is very similar to Serato Scratch Live and functions almost identically to Traktor DJ studio (the top pieces of DJ software on the market).

In combination with the Numark NS7, the Serato Itch software is deadly. All of your tracks are automatically mapped and you can easily create different crates to drag and drop music into for your different play lists and sets. These “crates” and visual song maps are then accessible right on the Numark NS7 controller which means that you don’t need to do much fiddling with the laptop or Serato Itch while your DJing with the Numark NS7. It is so easy to sort the tracks however you please and then pull them to the different turntables on the Numark NS7 controller.

How Is The Quality Of The Numark NS7 Turntables?

Right off the bat I was impressed with the quality of the Numark NS7. It feels rock solid with illuminated buttons, cross-fader and screen. The buttons are perfectly sized on the Numark NS7 and its 2 channel layout is all that you’ll need (unless you’re one of those sideshow DJs that can spin on 6 turntables at a time). You’ll find the bass, mid and treble EQ on the 2 channels along with the standard pitch control, pitch bend, a headphone mix gain, a master volume knob, giant play & pause buttons, cue buttons, sync buttons and a screen that perfectly maps out the tracks you’re cueing up and playing.

My favorite part of the Numark NS7 is the direct drive turntable platters. This is the first of its kind! The turntables are powered and spin just as a vinyl record would giving you full control of the music with your hands. I’ve seen attempts at this before like the Technics CDJs but the Numark NS7 is the first to get it right. The weight and speed of the turntables are perfect.

Are there effects on the Numark NS7?

While there are no effects on the Numark NS7 turntable or mixer you can do some awesome tricks by setting cue points. You can set up to 5 different cue points in a song with the Numark NS7 and you can set & adjust loops on the fly. The reverse play option on the NS7 also turns a lot of heads!

And if you really want effects, you can add on an effects kit specifically made for the Numark NS7 and Serato Itch. Its called the Numark NS7 fx and it simply plugs into the back of the Numark NS7 controller.

You can find more on the Numark NS7 fx effects add-on here:

Numark NSFX NS7 Effects Controller for Serato ITCH

What inputs does the Numark NS7 have?

This is an important question to ask about the Numark NS7 because a lot of the Dj controllers out there don’t have plugs that can hook up to a club or party system. This means that you won’t be able to play any parties or gigs with your dj controller.

The Numark NS7 on the other hand has everything you’ll need. On the back of the turntables you find RCA outputs alog with XLR (balanced) outputs.

The front panel of the Numark NS7 also 2 headphone inputs meaning you can have 2 sets of headphones plugged in at once. This is great for learning how to mix and sharing mixes with your friends live with the Numark NS7. You’ll also find a gain knob that changes the cross-fader from smooth to fast-cut-off for DJs that like to scratch.

Numark NS7 For Sale!

Buying used Dj gear is a great way to go because you can get a discounted price. The only challenge is that used dj equipment can be damaged. Even digital dj controllers like a used Numark NS7 can have wear and tear and may not be functioning property. In a lot of cases it can be better to buy the controller new especially if you can find a deal or a sale.

We scoured the internet and found the lowest priced Numark NS7 here:

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To warp things up, the Numark NS7 is great. Throw it down anywhere, slap your laptop on the stand, plug it in and start rocking away. It has all of the features you need and looks like it will last for every. For the money, the Numark NS7 Dj controller can’t be beat!

Go get your Numark NS7 while the sale I found lasts:

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