Numark NS7 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Numark NS7 DJ Controller

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Numark NS7

Numark NS7 Reviews

When you’re ready to start making money as a DJ you’ll need one piece of essential equipment; a turntable. Unfortunately if you’ve never purchased a turntable set then chances are good you don’t know what to look for. Finding a quality system that will give you high quality performance will take some time especially if you don’t know what you’re needs are yet.

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The much anticipated Numark NS7 has finally hit the market which means times time for our Numark NS7 review. Want to know if you should buy the Numark NS7? Keep reading for a full review.

What Is The Numark NS7?

Simply put the Numark NS7 is a MIDI-based DJ controller that combines Serato ITCH software for a unique controller that any DJ will love. The Numark NS7 comes with 2 record platters that you can use for manual control of your music as well as a built in mixer.

Many Numark NS7 reviews have touted the uniqueness of this product and I must add my praise to the chorus. With this DJ controller you can create and produce music in a way that is much improved from traditional controllers on the market.

Numark NS7 Hardware Components

The first thing you’ll notice about the Numark NS7 is its professional look and feel. The sleek black console is visually appealing with what looks like a perfect hybrid of new and old in the platter area along with polished Billet platters with authentic slip mats. You’ll also get a 45 rpm record vinyl with aluminum adapters. The glossy black surface in the mixer & control area makes it difficult to remember this isn’t your typical old school turntable.

With the Numark DJ controller you get the look and feel of vinyl with the accessibility and control that only new technology can provide. For example, the inputs are located on the surface as well as the front of the unit for easy access. Instead of slippery buttons you get rubber levers, buttons and knobs that allow for a better grip while you spin.

You will find the Numark NS7 slightly larger than other controllers, but this all-in-one design makes it easier to transport the unit from one gig to another.

Numark NS7 Software

It’s obvious that Numark and Serato were concerned with ease of use because the instructions provided are easy to follow. If you find no problem following simple instructions then getting started with the Numark NS7 won’t be an issue. It really is as simple as power on, insert disc and do what the screen indicates.

Numark NS7 Review

The ITCH interface on the Numark NS7 software is simple than most others thanks in large part to the manual controls instead of screen controls. This allows the screen to focus more on music management rather than basic controls so you can do what you do best—DJ! And when it comes to music files this DJ controller is like no other. You can access music in a wide variety of formats including WAV, AAC, Ogg, AIFF files and music from your iTunes music library. So instead of transferring your music files to fit the software, the software conforms to your needs.

Sorting and organizing your music has never been easier with Numark NS7 software. You can keep your existing methods of organization but you can also utilize ITCH to help you create playlists. This system is made to make the job of a DJ much simpler.

Numark NS7 Price

If you’re looking for a cheap DJ controller then the Numark NS7 may not be for you. Considering all the high-tech gadgets and streamlined interface, however, this unit combines everything a working DJ needs in one convenient unit which makes it quite a good deal.

To purchase all the equipment you get with the Numark NS7 you would spend well more than $1,200. Although the supply hasn’t quite caught up to the demand, you may be able to find one slightly cheaper by using online discounts or used units.

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Numark NS7 Review Verdict

Overall I think the Numark NS7 is an amazing cutting-edge DJ controller that enhances access and usability. The interface is quite simple to use and the hardware has a sleek look that is reminiscent of traditional turntables. This all inclusive unit features a Reverse Play function that you can activate by literally flipping a switch.

The manual controls gives the DJ greater control compared to screen operated DJ controllers and the rubber buttons and knobs all for greater feel during a DJ session. That’s what’s best about the Numark NS7 is that it was truly created from hardware to software, with the needs of the DJ in mind.

Although some of you might find the unit too big and bulky, you won’t really have a feel for how smooth this unit works until you’ve stood in front of it and laid down a few tracks. Personally I find the out front laptop a little off putting, but the good news is that it is easy to remove if you want to place your laptop someplace else.

This is very likely the future of DJ-ing so don’t take my word for it, test it out and tell me I’m wrong.

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