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One of the hardest things for new DJs to do is learn how to promote themselves. Newbies often operate under the mistaken belief that if they are simply good enough, they will get gigs, recognition and then make it big. If only it were so simple.

The truth is that unless you have a reserve of cash to hire a manager or agent or promoter, you will have to get out there and promote yourself. And therein lies the problem: you are a Facebook and Twitter expert but have no idea how to translate that into marketing yourself as a DJ and music celebrity.

The good news is that I have a few tips to help you get started. The bad news is that you will not get that recognition overnight so…here we go!

Branch Out

Let me just start by saying this: there is more to the internet than the ever popular Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, these are useful social media tools to help you reach out to fans, potential gigs and other DJs but they are not the only game in town.

If you honestly want to learn how to promote yourself as a DJ then you need to start promoting yourself in (other) places where people are looking for music and musicians. The first place to start is Mixcloud because it is where people go to listen to the cool audio sounds DJs produce. Whether you spin records or talk, this is the place for DJs to go to promote themselves.

There’s also SoundCloud which isn’t just for DJs but it does provide an awesome platform for you to post any tracks you want feedback on or simply want to share. Have a few cool podcasts you want to share to promote yourself? Use these sources in addition to traditional social media.

Learn to Speak Internet

Even though you spend most of your time in a dark basement mixing tracks and creating music you will have to be a true Renaissance DJ if you want to successfully market yourself.

Learning how to promote yourself as a DJ means learning how to get people to notice you online without releasing a sex tape or starring in a reality TV show. This means you’ll need to learn what words like “tags” and “keyword optimization” mean. These will help you get noticed by people searching for cool music or a particular genre of music.

This is especially true for your blog and any places you post your music. You’ll need use the genre of the music, contributing artists and key elements to tag your uploads. This will make it easier for the world to find you.

Cross Promote

Those who have successfully learned how to promote themselves and their DJ careers know how important it is to cross promote. This means you can contribute to another DJ’s website, blog or podcast and market yourself, your latest track release and even drop your own web address.


The other way in which you can cross promote is to simply make sure you use links to lead fans back to other places you are online. When you post something interesting new to your blog, let your Facebook followers know. When you post a new track, send out an email, Facebook post and a Tweet so everyone knows.

This is no different than your favorite celeb going on a talk show to promote their latest movie, album or cookbook. So find others to support and they will in turn, support you.

Be Reliable

Learning how to promote yourself as a DJ begins with consistency. If your fans trust that you will regularly produce quality content—in the form of music, blogs and podcasts—they will not only come back frequently but they will subscribe to your online services so they know exactly when something new is ready to be consumed.

It doesn’t always have to be your music, new music or music at all. Talk about a festival you attended (with pics), a DJ you just heard about or even a new club for a certain type of music lover. The point is that you keep the masses happy by providing them with their drug of choice—you, your music and your irreverent thoughts on life.

Compel Them to Click

Learning how to promote yourself as a DJ means being appealing. This doesn’t necessarily mean physically appealing but you have to give them something that makes them want to click on your title, your bio, your page.

This starts with a kickass profile pic across the board. If you want to brand yourself then use the same image across all social media platforms so everyone knows it’s you when they get there. When you create your profile don’t pontificate too much about the state of music and DJing, but give them just enough meat to whet their appetite so they…keep coming back for more.

Success as a DJ is all about promotion and successful marketing is about making people want to come back. The more you become a part of their lives, the more invested they will be in you and your success.

You know those fans…the ones who will love to say they followed you before the world knew how tragically amazing you are as a DJ…they will help you get where you want to go if you keep them happy.

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