Quick DJ Fixes For Basic Gig Problems

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How to fix DJ gig problems

No matter how much you prepare for your gigs, something will always happen. You will forget an essential piece of DJ hardware or your software will go on the fritz. If you’re really a glutton for punishment and embarrassment you might find you’ve turned up on the wrong night. Okay so some of these things are the worst possible that could happen but there are plenty of minor disasters that can (and do) happen to a DJ at the wrong moment.

The key to learning how to be a successful DJ who isn’t easily flustered is…preparation. Do you have backups of your backups? Extra equipment? A fourth of fifth backup USB filled with music? If not, keep reading to find quick fixes for your next DJ gig disaster.

Backup Your Software

I know what you’re thinking; but I already have everything I need on my laptop. Well good for you but what happens when your laptop decides that ten minutes before your gig starts that it’s the perfect time to become temperamental? Computers are machines and they often…glitch. It is kind of what they do.

So don’t just assume that your DJ software will be there because it’s always there. Avoid the drama and headache of bombing before a gig by bringing a backup of your software that you can quickly install if problems arise. Do the same thing for your music. Bring a backup USB, or two, for tracks you want to play for the gig. Who knows why computers get an attitude and stop working? It doesn’t matter if you’re prepared.

Get It In Writing

Being a DJ is a business, a pretty lucrative business if you play your cards right. With that being said you want to make sure your gigs are clearly outlined in writing so you know what is expected of you and how much you will get paid for the gig.

It may seem like a simple thing but me and dozens (probably thousands) of new DJs have been screwed over trying to be the ‘nice guy’ in business. Club owners will try to get more hours out of you than you negotiated, give you $50 less than promised or any other number of ways to get more from you than you were booked to do.

It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out contract in legalese; it can be a simple agreement stating what your job is, how long the gig will last, the date of the gig and the rate.

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Don’t Back Down

If you DJ events like weddings, bar mitzvahs and conferences you will find yourself and your patience tested. A lot. You will encounter drunk cousins who want to take the headphones right of your head and use your DJ equipment as their own, endless requests for 90’s pop tracks and party goers looking to get a copy of your set list. How you handle these things is totally up to you but you shouldn’t back down. Ever.

I don’t mean start a fight with the presumptuous cousin but I do mean that you should reclaim your phones and let him know that you were hired to DJ because you’re the pro. If you don’t take requests then be up front about it; don’t let people think you are going to play their tracks if you aren’t.

It is your DJ gig and the music played will reflect you. Think about it; if the bride hates her cousin’s rockabilly music and you let him take over the DJ booth…how will that reflect on you—the guy paid to be the music man?

Consider A Mobile Backup

If you’re still a laptop DJ then my advice for you is to at least familiarize yourself with the new DJ apps available through iOS and Android systems. They may not be your thing but they can serve as an excellent backup if your laptop decides to die before a gig. You’ll need some way to play your tracks and you usually can’t rely on the club to have a spare for you so you need a spare.

Keep the tablet or phone in the car and only use it if you need it. Just make sure that you know how to use the DJ equipment before the gig starts.

The important thing to remember about pre-gig disasters is that you need to stay calm. Getting riled up won’t solve your problems, having a plan will. Just make sure you have a backup plan and you’ll feel a lot less stressed when you experience equipment failures, drunken audience members and ruthless venue owners.

Trust me when I tell you that being a professional DJ is a lot like being a Boy Scout; always be prepared and you’ll find how just how cool you are under pressure.

I hope I helped you figure out how to avert last minute DJ disasters. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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