Quick Tips To Make You A Better Pro DJ

Are you doing everything to be a better pro DJ?

Be a better pro DJ

When you wake up each day you probably do a few things to improve your skills as a DJ. You put on a few new tracks to listen to while you have your morning coffee or during your midday workout. You put in at least an hour in with your DJ equipment each day and you spend time reaching out to new venues, promoters and other professional DJs. This isn’t the glamorous part about being a DJ but each of these acts is a necessity.

The only way to continue to grow as a DJ is to make yourself grow. Work towards your professional goals but also don’t forget about the personal goals you’ve set. To help you I’ve come up with a few quick tips that will help you balance your needs to become an awesome pro DJ!

Embrace Technology

The way some DJs tend to shun any form of new technology that isn’t DJ related often baffles me. The fact is that technology is here and it ain’t going anywhere. So instead of acting like your Luddite grandpa, embrace this new technology and use it to make your life easier and more fun.

Whether you use apps to keep your life in order when you’re not working or you actually listen to less than perfect audio files when you’re chillin’ out at home, technology is your friend. Sure there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in the expense Bose speakers if you really want them…but there’s also nothing with listening to an old school rip of a Nirvana track. Don’t be a snob but use the available technology to help with your DJ skills.

Be More Social

It’s no secret that DJs are not, by nature, very sociable creatures. Even though we spend most of our time at clubs and parties, we are apart from the fun and excitement and that’s how we pretty much prefer it. Unfortunately this is no longer the 1980’s and there are too many young DJs out there ready to take our DJ gigs so we have to play the game in order to play the music.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that you need to get out in the world and actually talk and interact with people. By people I mean promoters, festival organizers, bookers, bartenders and venue owners. These are the people you want a friendly relationship with if you want to book more DJ gigs to pay for the expensive DJ equipment you love so much.

Don’t discount the importance of having other DJs in your corner too. No one understands your plight more than other DJs so avoid the temptation to just sit around in your house tinkering with your DJ software and downloading Swedish rap music for your upcoming DJ set…and join the rest of the world.

Tips for professional DJs

Play Mainstream Gigs

I know that you have your own musical preferences both as a professional DJ and as a music lover. I get it, trust me I do. But accepting a DJ gig at a big name club known for mainstream music is a great way to flex your DJ muscle. First of all this type of music is probably foreign to you and will require you to do a lot of work to prep for the gig. This is great because it will expand your exposure to other types of music but it will also kick you outside of your comfort zone.

I firmly believe that DJing a gig with music that isn’t your favorite is a test of any DJs skills. Sure you’ll probably get the nuts and bolts right because of muscle memory and expertise. But how much energy and passion will you put into a gig that isn’t really your thing? That is the true test of your DJ skill.

Say Yes To A Festival

As DJs we know the major festivals that take place pretty much around the world, from Florida to Ibiza. But you’d be surprised how many lesser known festivals take place is almost as many places. It may not be the festival gig you’ve always dreamed of but, playing a small festival will give you a good feel for how things are done on that level compared to setting up for a traditional club or party gig.

Contrary to what you may believe about these local festivals without big name draws, they can be an essential step in any pro DJ career. The people who organize these festivals often have contacts in the bigger festivals if they aren’t directly involved. They have the skill and know-how to put on a festival, even if it is in the middle of nowhere, and having a festival on your resume is never a bad thing.

If your goal is to be a professional DJ who works more days of the week than he doesn’t, sometimes you have to take a step back and reassess your goals. Test yourself by taking gigs out of your wheelhouse and experimenting with your music. Trust me…you’ll be a better DJ for it.

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