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Whether you have only recently decided to learn how to DJ or you have made the jump to digital DJing, you will need some help. Chances are good that you have already started looking into DJ schools, right? But my guess is that you’ve found the academies in the larger cities are time consuming and costly. That’s because they have all jumped on the bandwagon of the EDM wave that has swept the world this past decade and, you know, all that supply and demand crap…

But the good news for you enterprising DJs out there is that you can take DJ lessons right in the comfort of your own home. You won’t need some hipster tutor showing up at your house smelling like artisan cheese, because you can sign up online and learn what you need to know without leaving the house.

The bad news is that some of you are still stuck in that whole ‘traditional’ way of learning idea and you think there’s something wrong with learning online. Well let me put your dance music loving mind at ease with these straight up solid reasons you need to consider DJ lessons online.


Okay so maybe it doesn’t matter to you if you have to put clothes on each day, I get that…mostly. But those late nights visiting local clubs so you can see what working DJs are playing, the DJ equipment they are using and the types of crowds each club brings in will eventually wear you out. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take DJ lessons that don’t require you to get up at the butt crack of dawn, get dressed so you don’t look like some novice in front of your classmates just to learn how to DJ?

Of course it would! That is why taking online DJ lessons is much more preferable to attending those so-called DJ academies. You can roll out of bed in whatever you slept in, log in and BAM you’re getting your DJ lessons. It’s convenient and your sleep cycle will have no bearing on your ability to make it to class on time.

Learn At Your Own Speed

Learning how to DJ at a brick and mortar DJ school has the same problems that traditional learning institutions do: they operate on a ‘one speed fits all’ mentality. If you’re having a hard time learning any particular DJ skill at the academy you just have to do your best to keep up, take speedy notes and hope you get a chance to clarify with the professor after class. If you’re lucky a fellow DJ will help you out. Otherwise…you’re on your own.

As a student of DJ lessons online you can simply pause and re-play any lessons you don’t pick up on the first go round. This method lets you learn at the speed that works best for you so that when the time comes to move on to more complicated DJ skills, you’ll be prepared.


Let’s face it; when you attend any type of educational institution you accept that the high price is because regular salaries have to be paid, leases or mortgages, utilities and equipment costs. The reason DJ lessons are significantly cheaper online is because those pesky overhead costs are nonexistent. Sure you get a live DJ teacher in your face, but you’ll also have to take even the lowest paid DJ gigs just to recoup your expenses.

DJ academies will run you at least $1,000 compared to the few hundred average of online lessons. Before you think money isn’t the issue; consider that the hundreds you save on lessons can go towards good quality DJ equipment.



As a working DJ, even a beginner, you will have to learn how to learn while you work. The same way business professionals attend evening classes to continue their higher education, you too will have to find a way to work DJ lessons into your schedule. If you choose a DJ academy you will have a set time to attend class and you must work the rest of your life around it. This means little sleep after late nights, interference with a possible day job and any other obligations you have.

Attend an online DJ class and you can show up when it’s convenient for you. This is especially helpful for those of you with some basic DJ skills, and therefore have actual paid gigs to get to. You don’t have to miss class, work or gigs when you choose to learn online.

Learn From The Pros

When you attend DJ classes at an academy you are learning from someone with the technical skills to be a DJ but probably little to no real life experience. That’s nothing to knock because once you learn the basics you can grow from there. But let’s face it if you have a chance to learn how to serve from Pete Sampras you’ll take it over the local tennis pro.

Well that is just what many online DJ lessons offer: lessons from professional DJs, some of whom you actually know! Because they can film the lesson at their convenience, these guys are able to impart valuable DJ wisdom that someone who has never worked as a DJ simply can’t.

You know why you should do it, now the question is are you ready to sign up for DJ lessons online?

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