5 Tips To Help You Be A Better DJ

Are you doing everything you can to be a better DJ?


Whenever the year on the calendar changes we all scramble about making goals and plans for the year. But since you’ve already decided on your resolutions it is time to start talking about how to be a better DJ this year. This is a “this year” goal but rather a ‘forever’ goal that you should always be working towards. Being a better DJ is about more than playing the hottest tracks from the charts; it is about making moves that will make you the best DJ you can be.

Instead of focusing on dropping those last few pounds or giving up cigarettes and soda, dedicate more time to things that will make you a stellar DJ. I’ve got a few ideas to help you get the list started.

Release More Music

In this digital age of music artists cannot afford the relaxed release schedule of the past. One album per year might be acceptable if you’re a well-known artists but the rest of us mere mortals have to keep up with the shrinking attention spans.

If you want to keep your fans interested then you have to do something to keep their attention focused on you. I want you to think of all those tracks that you’ve discarded or having sitting in a folder marked “crap” on your laptop. Take a second listen at those songs and see if they can be reworked enough to be released as a single. Consider releasing it as an acoustic version, a live show or a mashup with one of your other popular tracks.

Don’t just wait for the album to get you noticed…take steps to get yourself noticed.

Interact With Fans

I know that you’re thinking you already dedicate several hours each week to Facebook, Twitter and all the rest…what more do I want from you, right?

Actually it isn’t about me at all. This is about you and giving your fans more of yourself. I don’t mean simply posting images of you in the studio or hanging out with your DJ pals; what I mean is offer them more than a glimpse of the artist. Find ways to involve them by allowing them to vote on a new track title, album art or even who your next collaboration should be with. Reach out regularly and give them a reason to respond.

Take That Chance

I want you to think of one of your DJ goals, whether it is for this year or end game goals. Do you want to have your own studio and record label? Have you dreamed about opening at a big festival or doing a residency in another country? Well consider taking steps to make this goal a reality this year.

You can never accomplish those goals if you don’t take steps towards them. If you want to work in another country do your homework. See what is required to work in your top choice countries and find out which clubs will be best suited to you and your musical style. Then reach out to the right people and get the ball rolling.


Accept More Gigs

As DJs our end goal is always more gigs. When those higher paying gigs start rolling in, we all start to frown upon those lesser paying gigs. But let me tell you that when the gig well starts to run dry, you will be happy to have the connections those smaller gigs allow.

I’m not saying you have to take every single gig that comes your way, but being a better DJ means keeping those contacts fresh all year long.

Keep Learning

As a DJ you know your strengths and you probably play to them. That’s fine because it’s something we all do. But you need to always be learning about your career and your industry so that you can do better.

Whether it is learning new DJ equipment or venturing into a new genre, continuing your music education is essential to becoming a better DJ.

There are things you simply won’t be able to do as a DJ such as dealing with publishing rights and legal issues, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some knowledge of them. After all it is the ignorant artist who leaves his (or her) entire career up to anonymous professionals. You always want to know you where you stand on everything and even if you’re not a lawyer, you still want to know that you’re on the right side of the law.

There are plenty of other ways that you can be a better DJ but these pretty much over most of the bases. You want to make sure you are focused on released music, reaching out to fans and always fostering your contacts. These three tips will help you be a better DJ with a better career.

Good luck.

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