Top 10 Best Dj Booth Videos Of All Time

10 Unreal DJ Booth Videos You Won't Ever Forget!

When I was learning how to dj there was nothing that got me more excited than watching a huge DJ rock it out to a huge dance floor of screaming fans. Standing beside, behind or in the DJ booth while a huge crowd freaked out over the DJ’s every move really inspired to become a DJ.

Even now, after I’ve been DJing for 10 year and have played tons of huge DJ gigs to thousands of people screaming their heads off, watching videos of the top DJs playing to huge crowds sends chills down my spine. Theres something about 1 man creating such a frenzy with a big crowd just by playing the music he loves that makes my heart sing!

I’m sure you are similar so I wanted to track down the best youtube videos taken from the DJ booths at some of the craziest and biggest parties in the world. You’ll see everything from a 100,000 person party in Buenos Aires, Argentina to an intimate party high up on a ski hill in the Swiss Alps Mountains.

So I set out to track down the top DJ booth videos online. If you have found a dj booth video that gets you fired up then please share it in the comments below! It would incredible if this page became a page that people passed around because it has all of the best, crazy DJ booth videos.

Here are the top 10 Dj booth videos:

# 10. Casual Ski Party In The Alps

This video is pretty chill. You aren’t going to see 50,000 DJ fans freaking out on the dancefloor. But what you will see is three of the best tech house DJs in the world (Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Loco Dice) mixing for a smaller crowd at the very top of a ski hill at the very top of the Alps (Crans-Montana Switzerland at 2300m). Aside from the obvious coolness of a party somewhere this random and remote, I love this video because you can see how Ricardo Villalobos DJ mixes. I also love how smiley and relaxed everyone seems. Its also great to see skydivers swooping over the party every few minuets because I’ve never seen anything like that. Unique parties like this are the ones that I loved DJing the most.

9. Armin Van Buuren @ Glow DC

I enjoy this video because its rare to see such a huge DJ like world #1 Armin Van Buuren in such a small intimate club environment. This video is also great because its so high quality. You can see exactly what Armin is doing in the mix and you can hear exactly what Armin is hearing in the booth (he turns the monitors on and off for example). This is one of the most accurate videos at showing the DJ booth experience. Also, if you’re starting to play gigs yourself, take notes on how Armin Van Buuren interacts with the crowd.

8. Markus Schultz At Massive 2007

This video of Markus at the Los Angeles Sports Arena very accurately shows what its like to play such a big venu. From the booth the crowd seems so far away and so does the music. There is always girls dancing up on the stage and the whole experience feels unreal.

7. James Zabiela & Pete Tong playing the Beatport Party @ WMC

To be honset I love the song that Zabiela is dropping in this video. Its a mash-up of Underworld ‘Two Months Off’. The party is Pete Tongs’s WMC pool party 2009. I also love when the track drops and James starts dancing with the camera. The shakey view of the crowd is exactly what you see as a DJ when you are bouncing around to your tracks. Also, the entire front row of the crowd is hot girls staring up at the DJ like a god. Sweet!

6. David Guetta At Together As One 2010

As a DJ there is no better feeling than playing out your own track and having the crowd freak out. Whats even better I’m told is is the dance floor knows the world and sings along. David Guetta demonstrates this well. Look how much fun he’s having in the DJ booth!

5. Erick Morillo – Creamfields Buenos Aires, Argentina

Have you ever dreamed of rocking out to a huge crowd? Try 100,000 people! Thats right. Creamfields Buenos Aires in Argentina had 100,000 out to cheer on Morillo. While playing a track with your own name may seem cocky, Morillo really knows how to get the crowd moving. He is one of the best showmen in DJing and in this 9 min video you will see how he builds up the crowd. The crowd is so noisy that Morillo can’t hear his mixes and requests more monitors.

4. David Guetta Dropping Run DMC

This is one of my favorite Djing vieos of all time. David Guetta is dropping some sick mashups at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This video rocks becuase it shows how a DJ can controll a crowd with a little creativity. To see what I mean watch until 1:15.

3. Deadmau5 Killing The Opener & The Dancefloor

In video #4 Guetta showed creativity in the mashup track of Run DMC he made for the show which drove the crowd wild. In this video Deadmau5 does a little act as an opening to his set. It gets the crowd going and when he drops his track “Ghosts And Stuff” the crowd loses it.

2. David Guetta Taking The Stage At Techno Parade

Techno Parade 2009! This time you will see whats its like to be a pro DJ. This video shows Guetta struggling to make his way to the truck through the crowd and then the reaction he gets once he is there. You get to see what the superstar sees.

1. Techno Parade 2007 With Jochim Garraud

This video always gives me chills. Jochim Garraud is a french DJ that helps organize the Techno Parade, a street party in Paris where huge trucks invade the streets with dance music. The opening scene is amazing when Jochim gets the party started and the crowd (50,000) goes nuts. Whats even better is at 2:10 when Benny Banassi and Jochim drop a track. Other DJs include Laidback Luke and David Guetta.

These are the best Dj booth videos I’ve ever found! If you have a DJ booth video of yourself or your favorite DJ please share them below in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed these DJ booth videos and I look forward to seeing your favorite videos and your feedback!

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