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What DJ Tools Will Make Your Life Easier?


When it comes to the tools of the DJ trade most DJs are pretty set. They have the laptop, controllers, tablets, music and any other tools they deem necessary. Of course with all the new gadgets popping up left and right it can be hard to say whether you actually need all the tools in your arsenal. But there are plenty of other tools that I think will help make your life as a DJ much easier.

For the most part DJs are a one man team, acting as manager, promoter, public relations, marketing, accountant and talent. When you wear so many hats there are a lot of other necessary tools that will help you promote yourself, get to gigs and negotiate with promoters, club owners and festival organizers.

What tools will help you become a better DJ?


These days it is pretty weird to run into someone who doesn’t have a smartphone, but as a new DJ you might be pinching pennies wherever you can. Let me tell you that a smartphone is not only an essential DJ tool but it worth the investment. Write it off as a business expense if you have to, but a smartphone can help you in tons of ways.

Smartphones have calendars, alarms, reminders and memo pads, all of which are designed to help you keep your life in perfect working order. The calendar will allow you to keep track of gigs, appearances and DJ networking events. Alarms will remind of you these events days ahead of time as well as the day of and memo pads are a great place to take notes on the fly. You hear a track you love, jot down the name or use the voice memo app to record mix ideas, DJ or club names and anything else that will help you further your career as a DJ.

Then there are the obvious features such as the address book that will allow you to quickly record names, emails, phone numbers and web addresses of those you meet in the club or on the street. There are also apps like WhatsApp and Viber that allow you to respond immediately to questions and impromptu gigs.


If you have a smartphone then you don’t really need to worry about having a separate camera because those suckers come with everything. But if you’re still debating on the smartphone—really what’s there to debate—then you’ll want to make sure you have a good quality digital camera with you at all times. Don’t worry I’m not suggesting you take a hundred selfies for your Facebook page; but I am suggesting you get comfortable in the role of staff photographer.

When you are at gigs or other events you will want to snap a few shots for your website and social media pages. These are the ways in which you will promote yourself and your music and awesome color images are a great way to entice people to show up at your next gig. Another great bonus is that club owners and promoters will see the massive crowds that show up to see you and they’ll want you and your massive crowd at their place!

Just a word of warning; avoid posting blurry or otherwise crappy images.


Free Party Gifts

When I say party gifts I don’t mean Mardi Gras beads but I mean things that will enhance the party atmosphere, not detract from it. Because let’s be honest, if girls are trying to earn beads no one will be listening to the guy in the DJ booth.

There are always the club favorites like laser fingers and confetti, but I recommend a personalized touch to build up your own DJ nation. Badges, inflatables, wrist bands and other items with your logo emblazoned on them. I still have a beer cozy from a DJ I saw years ago. These days with the prevalence of smartphones, the revelry will be captured on video or picture and spread around the net with your logo and music as the main event.

Web Page

Of course a web page isn’t something you can just pack up and take with you, but it is as essential as the other tools on this list. Your webpage is basically your office. It is where you send out information about where you’ve been and where you will be (and when) so your fans and future fans can catch you live.

This is where you will post information about music releases, event appearances, giveaways and anything else that you want to share. You will post images on your web page and forward traffic to your social media pages.

Get it…your office?!?!

Treat this web page as such. Make it look attractive but professional (meaning no crap images or fuzzy audio) and update it regularly.

Add these DJ tools to your arsenal and you will be an even stronger DJ with a growing following. The more you treat your DJ career as a business, the more it will start to feel like one.

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