Update Your Kit With New Digital DJ Gear

What digital DJ gear will make it into your upgraded kit?

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All DJs must be aware of the state of their equipment. For a DJ, the hardware and software that help him do his job are his job. In fact this is part of the reason ongoing gigs are so important. Of course you also want to step inside the DJ booth and let the world hear your creative musical genius, blah, blah, blah, but you also need to keep the cash coming in when your headphones turn to crap or your controller decides to stop working.

With the digital DJ gear industry booming, it can be difficult to tell a good investment from a lousy one. Whether you need to upgrade your gear because it’s outdate or has checked out on you, there’s always something new that you should be looking out for.

Getting good digital DJ gear will be money well spent, so make sure you get the lowdown on your intended DJ equipment before you spend your hard-spun cash.

Headphones: Beats By Dre Mixr

So sometimes this brand of headphones gets a bad rap from so called “real DJs” for not being authentic enough and I think that’s a load of crap. These headphones have a smart modern design, and mobile DJs will enjoy the fact that they fold up nice and tiny for easy transport.

As far as digital DJ gear goes, these headphones are great at isolating sound, they cup the ears beautifully and they rotate so you can listen to the music with one ear and the crowd with the other.

Simply stated the design is sleek and comes in loads of colors, it does what it should for the vast majority of DJs and they are quite comfy. Since they go for about $250 a pop, I recommend you try them out and make sure they are a good fit for you before making the purchase.

Controller: Push by Ableton

If you use Ableton Live you are probably pleased as punch that they have finally provided a controller that allows you to make use of the unique workflow and also the heart of the experience: Session View. With Push you get seamless integration that others like Novation and Monome have failed to provide.

This is a serious piece of digital DJ gear, weighing in at over 6 pounds with 64 command-transmitting pads and a touch strip for scrolling. If you are an Ableton DJ then you’ll find this DJ controller (somewhat) easy to use, and DJs who perform and spend plenty of time in a recording studio will love Push; it is well planned and intuitively designed. Once you learn your way around the equipment you’ll be happy to add Push to your cadre of digital DJ gear.

The cost for this controller is about $600 but its money well spent if you’re already invested in Ableton.

controller numark all in one

All-In-One: Unnamed Numark DJ Controller

I’ll admit that there isn’t much floating in the ether about this as yet unnamed piece of digital DJ gear, but what has been written looks pretty awesome. This all-in-one has integrated your standard controller surface but with displays. It looks as though it’s going to be a beast of a machine, but it comes with Windows Embedded (not Windows, so no you can’t run something else on it…I think) so you get the same experience you get now from a laptop or tablet except in one device.

I can’t tell you much about it because there isn’t yet much to tell. It might be a concept or it might soon be available for eager DJs to test it out, but since Native Instruments is working on something similar this is a contender for top competition.

Stay tuned and let us know if you find out more about this all-in-one controller.

Buying DJ Gear

So many DJs write to me complaining that a particular piece of digital DJ gear was not as advertised and honestly I have a hard time believing it. The main reason is that DJ equipment is big business and DJs are a very vocal bunch, so false advertising carries a stiff penalty when word gets out.

It is more likely that new DJs are so excited about getting new gear that they don’t do their due diligence. It is important, crucial even, to read several equipment reviews, go to your local electronics store and test it out before you make your decision. The other thing you want to take note of is software/hardware compatibility, because it would suck to spend hundreds of dollars on DJ equipment that doesn’t fit with the equipment you already have.

Finally, do not blow your entire equipment budget on brand new equipment if you don’t have to. If gigs are few and far between and you’re still learning how to DJ, seek out used digital DJ gear and upgrade when you can afford to do so. There’s always something new and shiny for DJs with deep pockets so when the time comes there will be something to entice you.

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