Vinyl DJ Setup Basics – What’s In Your Vinyl DJ Starter Kit?

What your vinyl DJ setup needs

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Even though it seems as if the entire DJ world has gone loco for digital, there are still quite a few “old skool” DJs who prefer the touch, feel and sound of good old-fashioned vinyl. Call them dinosaurs, call them purists or call them traditionalists but there are many working DJs out there still literally spinning.

For new DJs the biggest problem presented by going vinyl is the set up. First of all it is more expensive to go vinyl and most DJ equipment and websites now cater to the digital crowd. However if you’re thinking of stealing your parents’ record collection to start your DJ collection then you’ll need to know the proper vinyl DJ set up.

Getting Music

Before you even start worrying about setting up your vinyl kit you will need to make sure you have enough tunes for at least a few different sets for a few different crowds. Like I said before if you have a solid selection of music at your fingertips—courtesy of your parents or grandparents—you might be at a good starting point…as long as its music you can actually DJ with.

If you have no access to vinyl then you’ll need to hit up those traditional brick & mortar record stores. If you can find them, particularly the used music stores, then you might be able to find tons of music on the cheap. Then there’s also tons of sources on the net like eBay.

You should always be on the lookout for vinyl of any genre. You never know what kind of mixes you can create with music no one else is using!


Without turntables you have no hope of actually being able to spin that vinyl. However it is important that you make sure to get DJ turntables rather than those basic ones used to simply play records. A traditional record player (or turntable) doesn’t allow you the same freedom  and choice of a DJ turntable.

Your vinyl DJ set up needs a DJ turntable so you can change the speed at which you play tracks plus other, the pitch of the song and other controls that allow you to do more than just play a record.


All DJs need a mixer, so you should also budget one for your vinyl DJ set up. You will need the mixer to actually help you DJ. The main job of the mixer is to allow you to modulate the sound. You may want to add effects like echo, reverb or synthesize or simply EQ the sound.

A DJ mixer is perfect for vinyl DJs because it allows you to enhance or minimize different instruments. With the pure sound of vinyl you will want to heighten some sounds while reducing others and the right mixer will allow you to do that.

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Headphones are essential for any type of DJ setup because you need an effective way to hear the music before you send it out to the crowd. Get a solid pair of headphones because if you decide to upgrade or go digital, you will always need them.

Speakers & Amps

While you will almost certainly—at some point—buy a good set of speakers, you may not ever buy an amplifier. Think carefully about your goals as a DJ. Do you plan working nightclubs and other venues or will you stick to wedding receptions and bar mitzvahs? You may roll your eyes but this will help you decide if your setup needs an amplifier.

If you have effective stereo speakers you can start out using those to see if they work for your needs now. You can also use them to help you figure out what type of speakers will work best for your vinyl DJ setup.

Mic (DJ’s choice)

This is always a tough choice for new DJs. To mic or not to mic. The truth is that it is totally up to each individual DJ. If you plan to get involved with the crowd by introducing songs and sending shout outs then you might find a mic a necessary part of your DJ setup.

Again this is one of those things you can choose to get at a later date, but if your first paid gig is a wedding or prom or a similar event then you’ll find a microphone a pretty useful part of your setup.


Keep your bank account in mind as you create the perfect vinyl DJ setup. For the music you can probably get vinyl pretty cheap these days, even the good stuff if you know where to look. It will take more legwork than simply going to iTunes or other digital music stores, but you can definitely begin building a large collection.

Another factor to consider is choosing equipment—like a mixer or turntable—that will allow you to also incorporate some digital sounds into the mix. As great as vinyl is, it can also limit your musical choices. To be a well-rounded vinyl DJ suitable for any crowd, make sure you can go from vinyl to digital with the flick of a switch! 

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