Virtual DJ Pro 7 Review

A DJ Review Of Virtual DJ Pro 7

virtual dj pro 7 review
Just because a company or software manufacturer has made a few mistakes in the past doesn’t mean that we should forever wash our hands of it, does it? Unfortunately for Virtual DJ their reputation for building Fischer Price style products has persisted, despite the fact that software is versatile. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t give Virtual DJ Pro 7 an objective review.

Sure, Atomix doesn’t have the same DJ pedigree as many other popular software developers, but you shouldn’t let the name or the lack of notoriety stop you from at least finding out what you need to know about their newest product: Virtual DJ Pro 7.

Don’t let so called “real” DJs or other hip digital DJs dictate what software you use, keep reading and find out for yourself.


Before we start to dig deep into Virtual DJ Pro 7 let’s just state one thing for the record: Virtual DJ has consistently produced solid software that is especially easy to use for new DJs.

Ok now that we have that out the way, let’s talk about Pro 7.

One of the problems that Virtual DJ software has always had is their old school two deck systems. Sure most DJs don’t need 10 or 20 different decks, but making due with just 2 can make it difficult to execute your style of DJing. This is one of the biggest perks of Virtual DJ Pro 7; 4 multi-colored decks.

Other features on this updated software include a split waveform option at the top of the screen, where other choices reside. There is a skin with six decks along the screen so you can choose which ones will be controlled by the primary decks.


As long as you have a quality sound interface that includes both inputs and outputs, Virtual DJ Pro 7 lets you wire line-ins right into the software program. This is ideal if you like to switch between analog and digital. But this also means that you can sample line-in sources and play them on any deck whenever you want.

You can fully control the input stream, which means effects, beat waveform visualizations, beat matching and synchronizing. This is definitely a step up for Virtual DJ and it’s something that DJs of all stripes will appreciate.

Rewire Support

If you’re a producer as well, then you will certainly appreciate the rewire applications within the software. You can now have the composition software put straight onto a virtual deck using all the new features.

What’s more is the mappings you get straight out of the box for a variety of DJ hardware that includes Numark,

Pioneer, Behringer and Reloop. The thing you’ll appreciate even more is that everything is easy to configure as well. The makes of Virtual DJ Pro 7 have made significant improvements over their last software update, which Pro 6 users will notice immediately.

virtual dj pro 7 review

Wait Just A Minute…

Although Virtual DJ produces solid software, some of the claims they make about Pro 7 don’t quite hold water. For instance saying that their pure scratch mode sounds better (i.e. more real) than the real thing is not near the truth because nothing sound better than real scratching. Although improvements have been made, the Advanced Master Tempo is clearer, but not clearer than ever.

Maybe I’m quibbling, but big claims must be backed up when you don’t have the best reputation.

Some newer DJs might appreciate the subscription service to Genius DJ, which adds music to your folders based on what you like. Some new DJs might appreciate the fattening up of their current music selections, but if you take pride in your collections and its organization, you might feel like your music folders have been invaded.

For DJs music is a very private thing and I want to make sure I love each song and can think of at least a thousand sets to add it to before it earns a coveted slot in my music list.

Library Organization

Another clear place in which Virtual DJ Pro 7 has made significant improvements is the database management system. The files within the virtual crates can be renamed, fields added and you can even nest the virtual folders for easy access.

Being able to manage your library in an organized fashion is a great upgrade, because being able to rename your files in bulk can save a working DJ tons of time. So those of you who have been down of Virtual DJ because of their past reputation for library management, you can stop.

Overall I think that unless you’re just a DJ elitist who can’t find anything nice to say about anything that isn’t vinyl or is ‘virtual’, you will find many things to appreciate about Virtual DJ Pro 7. The new software has been streamlined, more decks added and it has improved many things that seriously needed to be improved.

I dare you to take a look at any similar pro DJ software and say that Virtual DJ Pro 7 doesn’t match up or surpass it on just about every level.

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