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Using Your Skills To Further Your DJ Career

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Your career goal is to become a DJ. A working DJ with a steady stream of gigs that leads to a steady stream of income, right? Then why are you sitting back and waiting for your so-called big break? You should be out there with the industry peeps—in their face—and taking what you want, namely work as a DJ.

The key to getting quality work as a DJ is experience, but unlike in the corporate world there are no DJ internships that give you a chance to learn on the job. So you have to find ways to get the experience you need so when those rare birds known a paying gigs come along, you crush it so hard they’ll beg you to come back again and again…and again.

Still not sure how to go about “putting it all out there”? Keep reading, you will be.

Just Ask!

I know it seems too simple to actually work, but most of get our first few gigs by relentlessly pursuing a promoter or club owner to give us a try. Sure your first real gig may be on a Monday night, but if you can bring the house down on a Monday when the club is half-empty then they’ll be able to see what you can do on Friday or Saturday night.

Of course before you go in and start begging for work as a DJ you might want to have at least a mixtape or something for them to hear. You’ll want to be able to tell them why you want to play their venue and what you can bring to it…so be prepared to have a mini-interview before getting a gig.

DJ Competitions

One of the best ways to get experience aside from, you know, actually playing gigs is to enter (and win) DJ competitions. DJ competitions are a great way to build your profile and get more work as a DJ. Why do you think when a movie comes out or an album is released they always mention any awards the participants have been nominated for or won? Because it says “hey this person is awesome at their job so you should see this film or buy this record”. Winning a few DJ competitions will do the same for you.

If you have no idea where to find DJ competitions then you need to be more involved in this industry you want to be a part of. Hit up music blogs, especially those dedicated to your music genre, DJ websites, and within your local music industry. Many of these competitions are held online, but you can also enter live competitions as it will make you a better DJ.

Also, look at the websites of your favorite DJs and research the competitions they’ve won. The internet is your friend…treat it as such.


As much as we all hate the notion, sometimes getting work as a DJ is all about who you know. That doesn’t mean you’ll get preferential treatment all the time, but if no promoters, DJs or club owners know you how can they give you a gig?

If you want to get to know people in your local DJ community then you have to go out where the action is. That means going to the club, hitting up festivals, conferences, concerts and any other place you’re likely to run into your fellow DJs. Next time you’re at a nightclub or bar, introduce yourself to the DJ and swap contact information.

The more people you know the better your odds of getting work as a DJ, and you’ll meet some pretty cool people on the way…

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Bring In Butts

Promoters are all about the numbers; the number of bodies in the club, the number of drinks sold and the phone numbers of people they want to invite to their next event. If you want to endear yourself to a few of the promoters in your area, show them you’re capable of doing your part to help by bringing a group of revelers with you to an event. Nothing will please a promoter more than if you show up with a handful of sexy ladies.

Just make sure you introduce yourself and (subtly) point out your group. Let the promoter know you’re looking for work as a DJ. Don’t be obvious about it all, but just put it out there and let it be known. And the next time you see him, greet him again. And if you have another group of people with you…even better.

Party Mix

Chances are good that if you want to work as a DJ, you’ve probably spent more hours than you care to admit DJing your friend’s parties. If you’ve done this more than once you should have few of those party mixes prepped and ready to send out/hand out to those looking to hire DJs.

Of course you want to make sure you use your best mixes so if you don’t have any, volunteer to DJ a few parties to get it done. Or you can lock yourself inside your DJ dungeon at home and create a few party mixes to help you get DJ work. This is very important to have when you’re networking and asking for gigs.

You’re ready for your real career to begin, so get out there and make it happen!

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