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6 DJ Skills All DJs Need

Are You Prepared For Your DJ Career?

Pro DJ skills

Being a professional DJ is about more than getting gigs and living the DJ lifestyle. Of course DJ gigs are crucial to the professional part of your career, but successful DJs excel at much more than the nuts and bolts of DJing.

As a business person, which you are, you need more than one skillset to manage your career, your DJ skills and your finances. You will have to learn how to be a multi-tasker and a quick thinker because when you work festivals and clubs…pretty much anything that can go wrong will at some point. Continue reading “6 DJ Skills All DJs Need” »

How To DJ In A Small Town

Use your small town roots to kickstart your DJ career!

How to DJ small towns

We all have our own ideas about what it means to be a DJ and most of those ideas are about the music. But we also tend to think of professional DJs as something unique to big metropolitan areas. Our goals as DJs generally start and end with places like New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam and that’s great because, well why the hell not?

But let’s be honest; there are more smaller cities in the world than there are large ones…so you do the math. If you haven’t saved up enough money yet for overpriced big city rent, don’t put your DJ career on hold. Keep practicing and follow these rules to start your pro DJ career today! Continue reading “How To DJ In A Small Town” »

6 Tips To Make You A More Bookable DJ

Why are you a one DJ gig wonder?

Download Festival at the Shoreline Amphitheater

I don’t want to offend any wannabe DJs out there in the world but plenty of people think just because they have a keen ear for music they could “totally be a DJ”. You and I have both encountered these guys at parties and clubs, pretty much telling you they could do your job. And the kicker is that they really believe it!

Astonishing I know, but hey we’re all entitled to our own delusions, right?

Your job is more than simply pressing play and engaging the crowd on a microphone. You know it and I know it, but what will separate you from those guys is that you have the stuff that helps you book DJ gigs over and over again.

Make sure you’re following these tips and you’ll never have to worry about competing with them for gigs. Continue reading “6 Tips To Make You A More Bookable DJ” »

7 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Digital DJ

Need more reasons to become a pro DJ?

How to digital DJ

You’ve been thinking about getting into the DJ game for awhile now. You’ve researched all the DJ equipment on the market, looked into online DJ classes and even chatted up a few pros at local clubs. You know what you need to do and you’re pretty sure you have what it takes to make a go of it.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have a passion for music—creating it and playing it—for others to enjoy then you might have a long career as a professional digital DJ. You may think the market is saturated (it is) and that you don’t have a shot at making it big (you do!) but I want to tell you why it’s so great being a digital DJ today. Continue reading “7 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Digital DJ” »

DJ Equipment Review: Gemini Slate 2 DJ Controller

Is the Gemini Slate 2 worth your gig cash?

DJ equipment review Gemini Slate 2

Let’s face it, not all of us can afford pricey upgrades every time we need new DJ equipment. If you don’t have a ton of DJ gigs lined up yet then the last thing you want to do is spend all of your money on equipment you don’t know how to use and can’t afford. The good news is that the Gemini Slate 2 is ultra affordable and looks to be a decent machine.

The bad news is that Gemini hasn’t had the greatest track record with digital DJ equipment. But things are looking up and if you find your need a DJ controller your bank account can’t afford, the Gemini Slate 2 might just be the machine for you. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Gemini Slate 2 DJ Controller” »

6 Qualities That Will Make You A Better Pro DJ

Hidden qualities to make you a better pro DJ!

Unique DJ qualities

When you think of the DJs you idolize, what qualities most stand out to you? Is it their uncanny ability to mix the most unusual tracks to produce greatness? Is it the fact that no one mixes better than they do? Or is it something a bit more indefinable? There are plenty of DJs around the world who are technically solid with enviable DJ music collections yet they aren’t well-known and they aren’t booked solid. By that same token there are some very popular (read: famous) DJs who aren’t technically the best but there is something about them that pulls people in…what is it?

There are qualities that successful DJs possess that have nothing to do with DJing, per se. I’ve met DJs, producers, musicians and entrepreneurs who all possess these qualities for success. As you read, be honest with yourself about which of these qualities you have in spades and which ones you need to work on. Continue reading “6 Qualities That Will Make You A Better Pro DJ” »

How To DJ Fast – DJ Equipment Basics

Get your DJ equipment in order first, then get gigs!

DJ equipment basics

Being a DJ these days is technically easier than ever. You no longer need to pay for studio time or expensive production equipment just to mix and basic DJ equipment is more reasonably priced than ever. In fact many new DJs will tell you that the most difficult aspect of learning how to DJ is learning how to DJ. Mastering equipment is no longer the big uphill battle it used to be, learning the skills and techniques will take up most of your time.

But before you sign up for online DJ courses, start hittin’ the clubs and hustling for DJ gigs…you need to make sure you understand how your equipment works as well as how to work it. Continue reading “How To DJ Fast – DJ Equipment Basics” »

5 Skills All DJs Should Master

Are You The Best DJ You Can Be?

DJ skills to master

You want to learn how to be a DJ but that means more than wearing the ‘right’ clothes and knowing the right people. Of course those things will help you propel your DJ career forward but if you lack certain basic skills it won’t matter what you look like or who you know. No one will be handing out DJ gigs to you.

Even in this digital age of DJing a DJ who is in demand will have perfected certain skills that ensure big crowds, packed dance floors and a general good time all around. So before you get down about your lack of gigs, ask yourself do I have these necessary DJ skills? Continue reading “5 Skills All DJs Should Master” »

Getting Wedding Gigs – 5 Tips For Wedding DJs

Are you prepared to wow the bride?

Wedding DJ gigs

When you do an interview to DJ a wedding you often meet with the wedding planner, bridesmaid, sometimes the groom or even one of the MOBs (mother of the bride). This often gives you the incorrect assumption that you need to please all of these people to get the gig. So not true. The truth is that there is only one person you truly need to wow, impress and smooze. The bride. The lady in white is the one making the decisions (as are the ladies soon to be in white listening to you) so she’s the boss.

Remember that.

We all know what we have to do as DJs during interviews or auditions for gigs but when it comes to brides it’s kind of a whole different ball game. So let’s talk about what you can do to impress the bride of the day and leave an impression on all those brides to be who will soon be searching for wedding DJ of their own. Continue reading “Getting Wedding Gigs – 5 Tips For Wedding DJs” »

Expanding Your DJ Brand Online

Is Your Branding Strategy Working?

Online DJ brand

These days everyone and their mother wastes hours online. Whether it is pinning photos on Pinterest, flooding their wall with random things on Facebook or sifting through new and unknown artists on Spotify…the internet is the place to be! But with all that saturation many new DJs wonder, how effective is this for expanding my DJ brand?

The truth is that if you’re putting forth a half-assed effort then your efforts probably aren’t producing any kind of results. But if you have a targeted marketing approach along with quality content creation, expanding your DJ brand will work…eventually.

There are things you can do—across online platforms—to make sure your name is on the lips of more and more music fans around the world. Continue reading “Expanding Your DJ Brand Online” »