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Looking for DJ gigs? Want to know how to get DJ gigs? This section of our site will show you how to get DJ gigs, how to score DJ gigs and how to play a DJ gig once you score it! So many new DJs set out looking for DJ gigs but they end up giving up because they don’t know how to get a DJ gigs. Other DJs get to play their first DJ gig but they don’t know how to DJ a show outside of their bedroom. No matter where you’re at, we’ll have you covered with your DJ gigs right here!

Inside The DJ Booth For The First Time

Are you ready for your first DJ gig?

DJ booth beginner

Starting your career as a professional DJ may not go as smoothly as you’ve always dreamed of…it never does. Lots of guys speak about this in a men’s group near me. Most of us dream of putting on a killer set that has the crowd going wild and the club promoter booking us from here to eternity, ending with smiles, flashbulbs and superstardom…right? Yeah I had those same daydreams and then I had my first night inside the DJ booth.

I won’t say it went horribly but I was such a bundle of nerves that I wasn’t really able to focus on what mattered because I was focused on a lot of things that really didn’t. I want every DJ to enjoy their very first time inside the DJ booth and to do that you have to be prepared for any and every thing.

So here are a few things to remember your first DJ gig out the gate. Continue reading “Inside The DJ Booth For The First Time” »

How To Keep Growing As A DJ

Are you the same DJ you were last year?

Practice DJ skills

DJs are artists and artists, by our very nature, are always growing and changing and evolving. We have to develop our technical skills and those skills that are harder to define. That “it” that separates good artists from great artists from phenomenal artists. And like any type of art, getting to where you want in your career is a slow walk through heavy mud. We want to learn everything there is to know like yesterday and we want to be the best in the field the day after.

But if you’ve been in the DJ game for any length of time you already know that chances of that happening are slim to none. So you have to make it from one day to the next, focusing on ways to grow as a professional DJ so you can get to that pinnacle of success you want so bad you can taste it.

The question is how.

Keep reading for the answer. Continue reading “How To Keep Growing As A DJ” »

How To DJ In A Small Town

Use your small town roots to kickstart your DJ career!

How to DJ small towns

We all have our own ideas about what it means to be a DJ and most of those ideas are about the music. But we also tend to think of professional DJs as something unique to big metropolitan areas. Our goals as DJs generally start and end with places like New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam and that’s great because, well why the hell not?

But let’s be honest; there are more smaller cities in the world than there are large ones…so you do the math. If you haven’t saved up enough money yet for overpriced big city rent, don’t put your DJ career on hold. Keep practicing and follow these rules to start your pro DJ career today! Continue reading “How To DJ In A Small Town” »

6 Tips To Make You A More Bookable DJ

Why are you a one DJ gig wonder?

Download Festival at the Shoreline Amphitheater

I don’t want to offend any wannabe DJs out there in the world but plenty of people think just because they have a keen ear for music they could “totally be a DJ”. You and I have both encountered these guys at parties and clubs, pretty much telling you they could do your job. And the kicker is that they really believe it!

Astonishing I know, but hey we’re all entitled to our own delusions, right?

Your job is more than simply pressing play and engaging the crowd on a microphone. You know it and I know it, but what will separate you from those guys is that you have the stuff that helps you book DJ gigs over and over again.

Make sure you’re following these tips and you’ll never have to worry about competing with them for gigs. Continue reading “6 Tips To Make You A More Bookable DJ” »

Getting Wedding Gigs – 5 Tips For Wedding DJs

Are you prepared to wow the bride?

Wedding DJ gigs

When you do an interview to DJ a wedding you often meet with the wedding planner, bridesmaid, sometimes the groom or even one of the MOBs (mother of the bride). This often gives you the incorrect assumption that you need to please all of these people to get the gig. So not true. The truth is that there is only one person you truly need to wow, impress and smooze. The bride. The lady in white is the one making the decisions (as are the ladies soon to be in white listening to you) so she’s the boss.

Remember that.

We all know what we have to do as DJs during interviews or auditions for gigs but when it comes to brides it’s kind of a whole different ball game. So let’s talk about what you can do to impress the bride of the day and leave an impression on all those brides to be who will soon be searching for wedding DJ of their own. Continue reading “Getting Wedding Gigs – 5 Tips For Wedding DJs” »

DJ Lessons For New DJs

How to make your new DJ status work for you!

DJ lessons for new DJs

Whether you are 18 or 48, your choices are pretty much the same as a brand new digital DJ. You will rarely get asked to be the headliner at the best gigs in the big clubs and festivals that blow through your town. You will, however have to work your butt off just to get the DJ gigs that do come your way. One of the hardest DJ lessons to learn for newbies is that the road to DJ success is a slow uphill battle.

You know that you have to work hard to navigate your DJ equipment in the darkness of a DJ booth, hustle like crazy to get gigs and be grateful for every gig that comes your way. But many newcomers—like interns and entry level workers around the world—new DJs expect overnight success, to be treated like the genius they are to get all the gigs.

While it is awesome that you have such high expectations, the way you temper those expectations will determine how long and strong your DJ career turns out to be. Continue reading “DJ Lessons For New DJs” »

How To Be A DJ Promoters Want To Book

Is your DJ style appealing to promoters?

How to DJ for promoters

For most DJs plenty of the gigs you get booked for will be at the whim of event promoters. Whether you like it or not, they are a big part of DJing in many big cities with tons of nightclubs. After years of DJing I’ve learned a thing or two about what promoters are actually looking for, compared to what we, as DJs, think they want. Of course their main objective is to book a DJ that plays music their mostly mainstream crowds want to hear, but it also a DJ that can keep them there so money can be made.

Forget what you think you know about getting a DJ gig through an event promoter. These are just some of the things they are looking for…do you have what it takes to draw the attention of a promoter? Continue reading “How To Be A DJ Promoters Want To Book” »

Quick DJ Fixes For Basic Gig Problems

Are you cool under pressure?

How to fix DJ gig problems

No matter how much you prepare for your gigs, something will always happen. You will forget an essential piece of DJ hardware or your software will go on the fritz. If you’re really a glutton for punishment and embarrassment you might find you’ve turned up on the wrong night. Okay so some of these things are the worst possible that could happen but there are plenty of minor disasters that can (and do) happen to a DJ at the wrong moment.

The key to learning how to be a successful DJ who isn’t easily flustered is…preparation. Do you have backups of your backups? Extra equipment? A fourth of fifth backup USB filled with music? If not, keep reading to find quick fixes for your next DJ gig disaster. Continue reading “Quick DJ Fixes For Basic Gig Problems” »

Quick Tips To Make You A Better Pro DJ

Are you doing everything to be a better pro DJ?

Be a better pro DJ

When you wake up each day you probably do a few things to improve your skills as a DJ. You put on a few new tracks to listen to while you have your morning coffee or during your midday workout. You put in at least an hour in with your DJ equipment each day and you spend time reaching out to new venues, promoters and other professional DJs. This isn’t the glamorous part about being a DJ but each of these acts is a necessity.

The only way to continue to grow as a DJ is to make yourself grow. Work towards your professional goals but also don’t forget about the personal goals you’ve set. To help you I’ve come up with a few quick tips that will help you balance your needs to become an awesome pro DJ! Continue reading “Quick Tips To Make You A Better Pro DJ” »

How To DJ Tips – Building Your Following

What are you doing to earn more DJ fans?

how to dj tips

In this day and age being a digital DJ and having a significant following requires much more than setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account. Everyone, including my grandma, is on social media because it’s so easy to do. What makes all the difference in building up your following is how you tackle the issue of social media…and what else you do draw people to your DJ awesomeness.

Let’s face it, as much as we wish it were true being a good DJ isn’t enough anymore. You can be the best mixer or masher to ever walk the earth and it doesn’t matter if you can’t get bodies in the door. Winning contests and awards only goes so far in building your reputation as a DJ. If you want to learn how to DJ then you must also learn the fine art of networking and being a public personality.

So let’s talk a bit about what you can do to build a fan base, and therefore increase your DJ gigs. Continue reading “How To DJ Tips – Building Your Following” »