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Getting into DJ mixing? Want to learn DJ mixing? You’ve hit the right spot! It doesn’t matter if you’re djing with some free dj mixing software, dj mixing online or learning to DJ on your professional dj mixing equipment like Pioneer CDJs, you’re going to learn how to dj mix in this section of our site. You’ll find tips, tricks and free dj mixing lessons to help you get started!

DJ Tips For Dropping A Mix Album

Are you ready to put out your first mix album?

DJ mix album art

For as long as there have been DJs there have been mix albums. Sure they used to be mix tapes, mix CDs and now you can stream mix ‘tapes’ online, but they are still the definitive way to define your DJ style. A mix album is your way to tell the world that this is the cool music they should be listening to and shaking their asses to. Many guys will talk about this in their men’s groups. But this is also an excellent way to make a name in the DJ world.

Your bread and butter may be doing club gigs around the world—kudos to you—but you can take it to the next level by dropping a mix album. If you already have a significant following this can propel you forward in your professional DJ career and if you don’t, releasing an album is the perfect platform to raise your profile.

But before you start recording, there are a few things you should know. Continue reading “DJ Tips For Dropping A Mix Album” »

DJ Hacks To Make You A Better Mixer

Are you the best DJ mixer you can be?

How to DJ mix

When we talk about being a professional DJ we mean so much more than booking DJ gigs, networking and all that ‘fun’ stuff. We’re also talking about the skills (and work ethic) that will make you a bangin’ DJ. So you’ve signed up for a few online DJ courses or you found a few DJ classes at the local community center…are you don’t with your DJ education?

Not by a long shot.

Your music and DJ education will never be totally complete. It is an ongoing process that will make you a better DJ with crazy skills, which will make you marketable and book-worthy for years to come. Today you’re a newbie but by this time next year you might be an experienced working DJ. In the future, who knows? Maybe headlining a big ass festival, a residency at some exclusive night club and collaborations with your musical idols are in your future.

Before you get there…improve your skills. Continue reading “DJ Hacks To Make You A Better Mixer” »

5 Skills All DJs Should Master

Are You The Best DJ You Can Be?

DJ skills to master

You want to learn how to be a DJ but that means more than wearing the ‘right’ clothes and knowing the right people. Of course those things will help you propel your DJ career forward but if you lack certain basic skills it won’t matter what you look like or who you know. No one will be handing out DJ gigs to you.

Even in this digital age of DJing a DJ who is in demand will have perfected certain skills that ensure big crowds, packed dance floors and a general good time all around. So before you get down about your lack of gigs, ask yourself do I have these necessary DJ skills? Continue reading “5 Skills All DJs Should Master” »

Cool Tips For Getting New DJ Tracks

Where do you get YOUR DJ tracks?


So…your job is a DJ. You spend your days practicing your DJ skills, looking for DJ music and working to build your business. Your nights are spent locked in a dark DJ booth mixing for hundreds of party goers, or networking in the dark bowels of local nightclubs. So basically your entire day revolves around music and being a DJ. Awesome, right?

Yes it is totally awesome, but not every day. Because you are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over your fellow DJs so you spend a lot of time—a lot—scouring the earth for the hottest dance tracks before anyone has ever heard them in public. The major problem is that you’re not the first DJ in the world to run into this problem, which means you also aren’t the first to look for alternative sources of DJ music.

So let’s talk about a few good ways to get the hottest tracks before they’re released. Continue reading “Cool Tips For Getting New DJ Tracks” »

Tips To Create A Better DJ Mix

Use these tips to improve your mixes!


One of the top questions new DJs always ask—in addition to how do I make it as a DJ—is about how to mix. They want to perfect it because they want to be the best DJ possible, which is a great goal to have. But learning how to DJ mix is about more than being a human jukebox. In fact many people seem to confuse DJ mixing in terms of production and DJ mixing songs. Most DJs want to know the best way to mesh songs so they blend seamlessly into one another.

Also known as beatmixing, this is a skill every beginner DJ will need to perfect at some point in their careers. It is an important part of traditional DJing in bars, clubs and parties. While it is true that this article won’t be able to teach you everything you need to know about how to mix—there are DJ courses for that—these tips will let you know what to practice. Continue reading “Tips To Create A Better DJ Mix” »

How To Mix Genres As A DJ

Are you ready to genre-mix?


When you set about doing your own DJ mixes you’ll realize you have a lot to learn about the art of mixing. Sure you’ve heard some of your DJ friends put together some really well thought out and unique mixes and you’re confident you’ve got the skills to pull one out of your own ultra-hip knitted cap. Then you sit down at your DJ kit and you realize that mixing isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

When you really want to push the envelope you decide that you want to mix genres. But mixing musical genres means you need slightly more skill than ‘regular old mixing’ because you have to listen to the beat and figure out how to make two different things sound alike enough to go together.

So here are a few tips to help you mix genres for a really cool DJ mix. Continue reading “How To Mix Genres As A DJ” »

DJ Lessons Part I: The Music

Are Your Music Skills Where They Should Be?


There are many different things you will need to learn as a DJ. Personally I like to break down DJing into three distinct categories: the art, the science and the business. You will need to learn the different aspects of the business if you want any kind of success. Of course it would be awesome if you could afford to take DJ lessons from a professional or a former pro DJ but most of us can’t. It would also be great if you had a team of publicists, managers and accountants to take care of the business side of being a DJ. But, alas, that is a dream for the future.

Today you must learn every aspect of the business yourself. Not only will this make you a better DJ today but it will ensure you don’t get taken advantage of when you finally have the gigs and money to pay the pros to take over.

But today it’s about the music. You may not be able to afford actual lessons from a DJ but these are the DJ lessons you need to make the music. Continue reading “DJ Lessons Part I: The Music” »

How To Get Your DJ Mixtape Heard

Is Your Mixtape Helping Your DJ Career?


When it comes to putting together a good mix you may have noticed that it’s pretty hit and miss. Some DJs have fans eagerly waiting for the day a new mix drops while others toil away on their DJ equipment and never get so much as a “have you heard”. Why?

Honestly there is rarely just one reason that one DJ becomes the King of Mixtapes and the other doesn’t. There are several important factors you must consider beyond the actual quality of your mixing skills, if you want people to listen to your mix and love it. When it comes to booking DJ gigs you might find that a good DJ mixtape can do as much for you as a much-touted live performance. Continue reading “How To Get Your DJ Mixtape Heard” »

Pros & Cons: Beatmatching For New DJs

Beatmatching: You vs. The Machine


Learning new skills as an inexperienced DJ can be difficult. Unfortunately it isn’t just the technical aspect of learning that can leave you feeling overwhelmed; it is also the multitude of opinions on the best way to achieve it. You will have some DJs or music fans who are complete luddites and refuse to acknowledge any skill aided by technology as legitimate. But the fact is that all this great new technology is awesome and it allows you to focus on ways to progress your career and become a better musician.

No topic is more controversial than beatmatching and you will have to decide what aspect of DJing is more important to you: learning the skills or the end result. I’m going to tell you though, there are ups and downs of learning how to beatmatch by ear. Continue reading “Pros & Cons: Beatmatching For New DJs” »

Is It Okay To Use Illegal Downloads?

Are The Risks Worth The Savings?


As a struggling artist you no doubt realize that you have to find a way to make things work without a lot of money. Doing this often means skimping on necessities or using older equipment for longer than you would like. But that is the price we have all paid in order to do a job that we love.

Since digital DJing has been growing in popularity from one year to the next, the controversy that follows piracy or illegal downloads or whatever you want to call it, continues to grow. DJs aren’t in agreement on this issue so as a newbie you’re probably not sure either. That’s okay; as long as you understand the pros and cons you can decide what to do for yourself. Continue reading “Is It Okay To Use Illegal Downloads?” »