What Is The Best City For A DJ?

Which City Has A Golden DJ Ticket?

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New DJs always want to know what places I consider the best city to be DJ. I can’t say I blame them really since it does seem like some cities are more of a breeding ground for DJ success than others. But where you end up definitely depends on where you want to go as a DJ. You might perfect happy at your regular gig at some club down in Austin or you may aspire to leave your semi-regular gig in NYC and head for Vegas or Tokyo or…wherever.

So what do I tell these DJs eager to get their passport stamped? I tell them to figure out what criteria would they use to deem a city “the best” because that’s what’s important. If you want to talk about a city where there are tons of clubs and therefore tons of gigs to be had, that’s one thing. But where do DJs make the most money or get the most exposure…may be another.

Before we get into the cities a young DJ may want to stomp around there is one more thing to consider: making $100 per gig in Atlanta or Houston goes a lot farther than $100 a gig in Los Angeles or New York.

Vegas, Baby!

Okay so I know you were expecting me to say Ibiza but the truth is that I think Vegas is a really great city for DJs. Not only does Nevada have a pretty reasonable cost of living, but Las Vegas is now home to 1/5 of the top grossing nightclubs in the country! Throw in all the other nightclubs and other menu venues up and down the strip and you can quickly find yourself with more than one regular gig.

Of course it may take some time for you to gain residency at a place like Hakkasan or Pure or Light, but there are tons of other lower profile clubs for you to get your start.

New York

This one is no big surprise but many new DJs make the mistake of packing up and heading off to the Big Apple too soon. The cost of living in NY is ridiculously high and if you don’t have a steady DJ gig or a day job, you’ll quickly find yourself with a day job that doesn’t leave much time for DJing.

Of course if you can afford to live in one of the outer boroughs you can save some money by traveling into the city for gigs. But there are also tons of music venues for a DJ in all of the boroughs so, theoretically, you can start out and work your way in. It’s the city that never sleeps so when you’re ready to get there, trust me there will be plenty of gigs to be had. Even if you never live in New York, it is a city all DJs must spend time.


One of the things that make Atlanta such a welcoming city for DJs is the truly eclectic nature of the music scene. You can find clubs that cater to one genre but are totally accepting of others, plus an underground scene that easily rivals the bigger cities.

I think Atlanta is the perfect big little city for talented DJs looking to produce as well since Atlanta is home to tons of boutique music labels. Before you settle on one of the big cities like LA or New York, give Atlanta a real chance to win you over.

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When you think of Miami the first think you probably think of is parties. In addition to being packed with beautiful bikini-clad women, Miami is a party destination for everyone from spring breakers to wannabe DJs and even well-known DJs and producers.

Celebrities, rappers, starlets and DJs make their way to Miami for party atmosphere and to be seen at hot clubs like Cameo and Mansion. This is a city that loves to dance and it is quickly becoming a hot spot for DJs looking to break out from the pack.

For those of you looking to get a few frequent flyer miles, consider these cities…


To some Berlin is the DJ capital of the world because the city is truly EPIC. But if you’re a DJ looking for a city to call home, Berlin should definitely make it into your top 5 locations. They just seem to get it in Berlin whether you’re a DJ or producer. You can find tons of nightclubs, music events, organizers and labels until you find a place you fit. Then there’s the fact that you can actually try something new in Berlin—and fail at it—and not end your career.

Since the late 1980’s Berlin has welcomed dance music and DJs from around the world into her arms, and that is a tradition that still persists today. But be warned; if you’re looking to spin a bunch of commercial tracks you should be prepared to hear what the clubbers think of your choices…it won’t be pretty.

Then there are other cool cities that all DJs should try if time and money permit. London is amazing and has an incredible music scene where American DJs often end up before hitting up Berlin or Frankfurt. Of course we can’t talk about a great city to DJ without giving props to Ibiza, but the problem is that it isn’t year round and it’s pretty saturated with aspiring/struggling DJs. It is gorgeous so there’s no better place to be an unemployed DJ, but I’d rather be working in the rain than not working on the beach.

Where is your favorite city to DJ?

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