Learn How To Become A Dj At A Club Or A Rave

So you want to get DJing? Learning to dj can be a quick and easy journey. But a lot of new DJs have a brutal time figuring out how to become a dj. They struggle trying to learn the basics of mixing.

They spend years trying to learn to mix in their bedrooms and figure out how to dj at a club. The bottom line is that it all comes down to a few key choices starting out.

And since you obviously want to figure out dj mixing, I’ll lay out the different points you’ll need to have in mind as you begin to get Djing. I’m also going to point out some of the common sticking points that DJs hit when getting started so you don’t have to struggle.

DJ Advice: How To Become A DJ

The steps to becoming a dj are as follows:

1) Decide what type of music you want to DJ. This will determine what type of gear you want to buy.
2) Try out and decide on the best DJ gear for you
3) Find some dj training that will show you figure out the basics.
4) Practice beatmatching and mixing.
5) Create your best demo mix.
6) Hit the parties, clubs, raves or wherever you want to DJ and give your demo mix to the promoter and to other people at the party.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well a lot of new DJs struggle with learning how to become a dj. Some news become a dj quickly and easily while others spend months and even years in their bedroom frustrated because they struggle to learn.

There are 2 reasons why people get stuck learning. The first reason is that when someone decides to learn how to be a dj they start out teaching themselves.

If you go surf around on any of the dj message forums you’ll see lots of threads saying “help me learn DJing”. There will be lots of responses from old DJs saying “if you want to learn to dj, you have to teach yourself like I did. It will take years but it’s the purest way to learn how to dj”.

The sad fact is that these old purists never became anything as a DJ. They never played any big shows. Never got any girls. Never got to play or hang out with superstar DJs. Why not? Because they spent years teaching themselves. Their advice is flawed. It is not good for you to teach yourself.

In fact is scientifically proven that the quickest and easiest way to learn a new skill – like learning how to to become a dJ – is to find someone that has already found success with how to become a dj and get them to teach you. This makes sense because they already know what you need to do to be successful with Djing at a big party, rave or in a club.

Day after day I witness new DJs turn down opportunities to learn DJing a DJ from a professional DJ that has played all over the world and rocked packed dancefloors bigger than you’ve ever seen. Why? Because that old guy on the dj forum said that if you want to know how to start DJing you’ll have to teach yourself. Teaching yourself is the fastest way to fail!

Whats a lot faster, easier and overall more intelligent is to learn to dj from a successful DJ. Its better to pay $50 – $100 for online dj training or in person dj lessons that will show you exactly how to become a dj, than to waste away teaching yourself at home.

If you teach yourself it will take you a year or more to learn how to dj mix. If you invest in dj training right from the start it can take as little as a few weeks! Isn’t it worth $100 to save 6 months of hard work? 6 months where you could be playing gigs and living your dream life as a pro dj.

What I’m trying to get at here is that if you can find a successful DJ and convince him or her to mentor you, do it. If you can’t then invest in DJ training. Investing in online videos, dvds or dj lessons will show you the basics of Djing so much faster. And you’ll have a lot more fun!

Nightclub DJing: How To Be A DJ In A Club

I just shared my most important piece of advice for starting to learn. Now you’ll discover the second most important tip for learning how to DJ.

Don’t blow all of your money on your DJ gear! I see this time and time again. A new DJ is really eager to figure out Djing. So he or she goes out and buys a top of the line dj mixer, turntables, cdj 1000s and the most expensive headphones.

This is stupid for a few different reasons.

1. You won’t use any of the features on the advanced gear you just bought. When you’re learning how to become a dj, all you’re going to be doing at the beginning is beatmatching. You don’t need effects, 6 channels or 20 different outputs.

2. Used DJ gear is a way better investment. Its usually half the price and it works just as well. Make sure that you go with someone that has already learned how to DJ. He or she will make sure the gear is good for you to use.

3. You have no money left over for investing in your music collection or in dj training to help you become a dj.
Having a stellar music collection and awesome mixing skills are the things that will get you to become a dj in a club, not having the fanciest gear at home!

So spend your money wisely on your music collection and invest in dj training! Get some DJ training DVDS that show you how to become a dj. Or get access to some online videos. Or if you have the cash (its expensive), fork out for some dj lessons in your city!

So as you move forward with learning to DJ, keep two things in mind. You need to invest in Dj training to avoid being stuck in your bedroom, struggling to learn how to become a DJ. Seccondly, spend your money on dj training and your music collection instead of fancy dj gear.

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