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One of the most difficult things about starting your career as a DJ is figuring out what equipment you need to buy. If you listen to your friends—part time and professional DJs alike—you’ll end up with high end and pricey controllers or cheap software that doesn’t do what you need it to. Of course you want to get the best DJ equipment you can afford, but does that mean you have to break the bank to get “good” equipment?

Nope. Sometimes expensive equipment is just…a waste of money.

And that brings me to the topic of today: good speakers. Pioneer has recently released a set of killer speakers, the S-DJ80X. These babies are sleek and they have high-grade components that deliver quality sound. Pioneer says they’re good speakers for DJs and producers, but are they good for you?

Love At First Sight

I won’t lie to you; I fell in love with these speakers the moment I laid eyes on them. They cut a solid and imposing figure with their simplistic design, standard silver woofers and subdued black body. You don’t have to worry about style taking a front seat to substance with the S-DJ80X speakers because the minimalist approach is all about substance.

Then there’s the back where things could go really wrong but not with these speakers. The knobs and buttons are uncomplicated and not at all overwhelming. In fact some might find the speaker controls too minimalistic with a simple on/off switch with an auto standby feature so it powers down after an extended period of inactivity, 3 input options—XLR, Balanced TRS and unbalanced RCA—and the volume and high frequency adjustment knobs.

Even though these are good speakers for DJ events, the marketing by Pioneer suggests the S-DJ80X are good outdoor speakers, that is a stretch.

But How Do They Sound?

These are good speakers, without a doubt, but just solid the sound quality is depends on the size of the speakers—80X, 60X or 50X—and the size of the space in which they are being played. New DJs tend to head straight for the biggest and baddest equipment they can find, but with these speakers that would be a mistake.


If you choose the biggest size speakers, the 80X, and your normal gig is in a medium sized space you’ll find your sound is overwhelming in such a small space. Decide which size is best for your needs as a DJ and keep in mind that the 80X is made for larger spaces.

But the general sound quality of these Pioneer speakers is solid. The bass is deep and the highs are clear. You won’t find any shakiness or unforgiving screeching at high volumes.

The folks at Pioneer swear these are good speakers for producers as well but I’d add the caveat that they are good for experienced producers who know how to make adjustments during mixing and recording for speaker ranges. You don’t want too much bass or a hollow sound because the highs are too high or the lows are way too low.

Are They For Me?

The thing about the Pioneer S-DJ80X speakers is that they are great for parties and they have the power to sound even large events. These are good speakers that are solidly built and they are heavy enough they don’t feel like toy props that simply look good.

In my personal opinion these speakers are not totally transportable. There are no handles and the sides are super slippery which means unless you have hands like LeBron you will be carting these bad boys in one speaker at a time. They’re not heavy so that’s a saving grace, but it just becomes one more thing you have to set up before a gig.

If you’re a professional DJ with a penchant for Pioneer products then you’ll find these are good speakers that will meet your needs, although one might wonder why Pioneer didn’t think to add a low frequency control button.

If you get the right size speakers you will not be disappointed with the sound quality, but if you over estimate your needs you’ll have a very expensive set of paperweights. The price range for these speakers varies from $149 (for the smallest S-DJ50X) to $249 (for the S-DJ80X) which in my opinion is mostly about the Pioneer name, but they do make quality products so I think it’s worth it.

If you find that you don’t need speakers or these particular speakers are out of your price range you can always opt for the less pricey Reloop speakers.

Even if you choose to buy these speakers online (which you should) your best bet is to find an electronics store to see just how large these speakers are. Test out all 3 sizes before you buy to make sure your attempt to please the crowd doesn’t backfire.

I hope I helped you find a pair of good speakers for your DJ gigs. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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